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Ride the Uptrend of the $20bn Aviation Training Market

The global aviation industry is experiencing a significant shortage of pilots, with an expected under-supply of 79,000 pilots in the global market by 2032. This shortage is driven by several factors, including the retirement of experienced pilots and the impact of COVID-19, which has led to furloughs and pilots leaving the industry. However, this challenge presents a unique opportunity for the aviation training market.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global pilot training market is projected to grow from $2.96 billion in 2022 to $20.21 billion by 2029, at a compound annual growth rate of 31.55% in the forecast period 2022-2029

For investors interested in capitalizing on this growing trend, and/or airlines looking for a solution to integrate into your eco-system, we have four flight schools and ATOs for sale, each with unique features and opportunities for expansion. Please see the details below.

American Market

Opportunity #1:

FAA Part 141 and 142 Flight School, Florida. Asking Price: US$4.3 Mil

  • Own 8 Aircraft, Pre-authorise Airbus type rating training program, ongoing customers, Redbird simulator, Fort Transit bus, hangars, tools, spares and more

  • Can offer a wide range of training courses, including 0-ATP, a very profitable ATP-CTP course.

  • 3 offices-based total of 15,000 sq. feet (lease)

  • US$ 3Mil revenue, 20% profit margin, no debt.

  • Can offer M1 visas for international students.

Opportunity #2:

FAA Part 141 Recognizable Flight School, Tennessee. Asking Price: US$4.5 Mil

  • Top-notch flight instruction and aircraft rentals; highly skilled instructors.

  • VA Flight School Approval, TSA approval.

  • Own 18 Aircraft, Satellite Facility

  • 2 offices-based one of the biggest schools in the area.

  • +130 Local students + Military students + An affiliate with Liberty University

  • US 8.7 Mil revenue and 1.7 Mil net profit (2020-2022), No debt

European Market

Opportunity #3:

EASA ATO, A320/B737NG & Max/ B787 type ratings. Asking Price: EUR 1.5 Mil

  • TOP quality ATO in Europe

  • Unique training products: High quality and makes it easy for pilots (HUGE cost saving)

  • Up-to-date Training Manual: Airbus and Boeing’s requirement

  • Profitable business, massive room for expansion

  • EASA’s flexibility to change the principal place of business according to ORA.GEN.130

South Pacific

Opportunity #4:

Flight School with Own 145 Aircraft Maintenance. Asking Price: US$4.89 Mil

  • Established business with a sound reputation in the South Pacific region.

  • Seven (7) aircraft (Twin Engine, retractable single and single engine training)

  • Own 145 Maintenance Operations for own fleet and commercial operators.

  • Flight Simulators DCX-MAX Pro-motion; approved AATD with 3 DOF movement

  • NEW and large hangar with 1050 sq meters (capacity to house 17 light aircraft)

If you are interested in discussing any of the opportunities above, please contact Ms Anna Tran via I would be delighted to talk to you.

For more details on our finance and investment project, please check


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