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In 1993 Brookfield Aviation International became a pioneer in the provision of flight deck crews ( pilots and flight engineers) on the commercial aircraft of the day, many of which are now only seen in museums or perhaps the last one or two flying in some remote outpost. The types included B-727, 737-200, Lockheed Electra and L-1011 Tristars, Hercules, BAC-111, A-300-B4, DC-10 and Shorts-360. As years have passed, the company has evolved its services alongside with the rapid changes in technology that have populated the skies with faster, bigger, wider, lighter, and more environmentally friendly aircraft such as A320, A330, B737 EFIS/NG, B747, B777, B-787, Emb-145, Emb-190, ATR72-500/600, Da

Aircraft Engineer Training: Choose the Right Path

There are different routes that can lead students to become aircraft maintenance engineers. Usually this selection is based on the time they want to spend, their personal targets and the skill set they want to develop the most. The following testimonials includes the experiences of two different engineers who decided to become aircraft maintenance engineers. Student 1, Abhishek from Nepal: Since I was kid I have loved aviation and fixing things, I have an incredible appetite for understanding how things work, how cars move on and in fact how planes fly. When I decided to pursue a career as an aviation en gineer, there were two options available for me. The first one consisted in completing t

How “5G” Has Been Changing the Aviation Industry

5G (from "5th Generation") is the latest generation of cellular mobile communications. It succeeds the 4G (LTE-A, WiMax), 3G (UMTS, LTE) and 2G (GSM) systems. 5G performance targets high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. The main goal of 5G networks is always to keep end-users connected. The 5G network will be a real upgrade of the 4G network. 5G networks mean ultra-fast data speeds. The transmission speed of 5G network in the future can reach 10Gbps. Meanwhile, the biggest improvement seen in 5G networks is their flexibility to support a wide variety of devices. Supporting an infinite number of devices in a gi

Protecting Your Health:  Cleanliness in the Air.

They might look like it, but aircraft are not as clean as everyone thinks. There are a few factors discovered by scientists to make pilots, cabin crew and passengers susceptible to colds and infections when flying, along with some tips to avoid them. Cleaning of cabin windows, disposing of litter and newspapers, sterilising sinks, ovens and working surfaces, wiping the dining tables - are some of “on request” cleaning activities required for aircraft interior cleaning. “To clean, we need 10 to 15 minutes” said Sameer Yousef, a lead cabin cleaner for ABM aircraft cleaning company, “but they give us 7 or 6, or even less time for quick turns”. On average, his team cleans everything from the gal

Bamboo Airways: An Ambitious Operation in Vietnam

The Impressive Achievement Bamboo Airways, the fifth carrier in Vietnam, secured its commercial air transport licence in November 2018. According to the local news, the new start-up airline had successfully operated 1,000 flights within only 5 weeks after its first commercial flight on 16th January 2019. Their aim is to become a 5 star Airline and its services are considered good quality with the lowest flight delays (only 5.5% between 19-Jan to 18-Feb) in comparison with other local carriers. These are encouraging signals for the airline to look forward to further success. Bamboo Airways currently operates 7 new Airbus 320 family on 20 domestic routes. With its big ambition, the airline’

The World is Looking For You.

Some thoughts that will inspire you to work abroad. Last week I was out with my English friend Hannah, who invited me for a coffee in London. She works for Sotheby’s, the famous art auction company, and while we were talking, she took out her phone and showed me something I just couldn’t believe. The image on her phone was a plain dining table, about 2 meters long with 2 half coconuts located on one end and at the other, a toilet brush that represented the figure of a naked woman. The piece of art was sold for nearly 250,000 GBP. I couldn’t stop wondering how such a simple piece of art could be valued at that price. My friend started talking about the coffee place where we were. I noticed th

Legends of Aviation #9: Jacqueline Cochran

Jacqueline Cochran was one of the aviation pioneers during the 20th Century and a very prominent racing pilot of her generation. She was the first woman to break the sound barrier and was an important contributor for the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) and Women Airforce Services Pilots (WASP) during wartime. Jacqueline was born under the name of Bessie Lee Pittman and changed her surname at the age of fourteen when she married Robert Cochran, but just after the end of their marriage she decided to use the name “Jacqueline”. In 1930 she learned how to fly an aircraft just in three weeks and within two years obtained her commercial pilot’s licence. She was also the owner of Wings to Beaut


“Making your world more accessible” Jetstar Japan is the biggest Japanese low cost airline based in Tokyo. Founded in 2011, their operations commenced on 2012 with 24 aircraft A320, having as a main hub Narita International Airport (NRT) in Tokyo and the second hub in Kansai International Airport, Osaka. Jetstar Japan operates more than 100 flights per day, with 34 destinations, 19 current domestic flights to Sapporo (New Chitose), Osaka (Kansai), Takamatsu, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima. Kochi Okinawa (Naha) and Tokyo; and two spring and summer 2019 season plans to introduce expanded services to Miyako and Shimojishima from Narita, Osaka and others. Jetstar is the

The Future for Air Cargo

Welcome to the new network of cargo drones. First thoughts might give you visions of recent stories about pizza being delivered or receiving a home delivered package from Amazon. However, this new network has the scope to create a Super Massive Drone Skyway (SMDS) reaching all parts of the globe. A network that will combine aircraft as large as jumbo jets with medium and smaller size drones to deliver large payloads all the way down to a single package. This network will be moving all international trade from factory to your doorstep. FedEx, Amazon, DHL, UPS and other logistics companies are in development of smaller drones to deliver straight to your front door. Other companies, such as Boe

Having the Right Licence: Two Recent Cases.

Within the last few months we have seen different scenarios where minor incidents and extremely painful tragedies have aroused concern in many of us about the high cost that poor training may have in the performance of pilots. One of the most recent stories has to do with William Chandler, the pilot who was able to fly an aircraft for over 20 years with fraudulent paperwork. Being a senior first officer during his last years at South African Airways, he was discovered after an incident occurred over Swiss airspace where the plane moved erratically under his control. The fraud came to light when SAA procedures involving incidents reported during operations dictate that the crew be grounded an

Aviation Management Careers

Career positions are diversified: Pilots, engineers, cabin crew, air traffic controller, flight dispatchers, ground handling, etc. Among those, jobs for aviation management, who are vital decision makers ensuring the company’s commercial viability, quality, safety and regulatory compliance would be very tempting positions. Brookfield Aviation’s strength is pilot supply to the aviation industry; also, we actively recruit Aviation Management personnel for airlines with attractive packages and benefits. Some opportunities for which Brookfield is recruiting can be found HERE (updated regularly) The range of opportunities and roles in the industry is massive; you might start as flight crew and p

Killing Residuals

Many sea and river animals have been affected by the dirty wave that human beings create by throwing garbage to the sea or rivers. We are so inhuman that sometimes we see the damage that we make upon the environment in general, to plants, animals, the air, the Earth and we don’t think of the environment, we only think of ourselves. Around the world more than 100,000 sea animals such as penguins, whales, turtles, seals, fishes, sea birds and dolphins die, due to the water contamination, especially due to the consumption of plastic bags and plastic bottles. This wave includes all kind of residuals but the main dangers for animals and environment are the plastic bags and plastic bottles, both

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