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Elevating the Role of Cargo Pilots

Flying for a cargo airline may not carry the same allure as piloting passenger aircraft, but it offers distinct advantages and opportunities for a fulfilling career. At Brookfield Aviation International, we recognise the essential role cargo pilots play in keeping global supply chains moving smoothly. 


Qualifications and Training: 

Cargo pilots undergo the same rigorous training and certification as their counterparts in passenger airlines. They must hold an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and maintain a first-class medical certification. Experience requirements, mandated by aviation authorities like the FAA and EASA, typically include a minimum of 1,500 hours of total flight time. 


Advantages of Flying Cargo: 

Cargo pilots enjoy several benefits that make this career path appealing: 


1. Work Schedule Flexibility: Cargo pilots often have more flexible schedules, allowing for longer stretches at home between flights. They may also have the option to fly during night hours, providing greater flexibility. 


2. Route Diversity: Cargo flights frequently operate at smaller airports, offering pilots exposure to a variety of destinations and routes. This can lead to a more diverse and interesting flying experience. 


3. Peaceful Flights: Cargo pilots fly without passengers, eliminating potential disruptions and creating a more tranquil working environment. They are spared from dealing with passenger-related issues, such as unruly behaviour or medical emergencies. 


4. Higher Compensation: In general, cargo pilots tend to receive higher compensation compared to their counterparts in passenger airlines. This increased pay reflects the demands of the job, and the vital role cargo pilots play in transporting goods worldwide. 

Salary Insights:  

The salary range for cargo pilots varies depending on factors such as airline, experience level, and region. Here's a glimpse into the typical salary ranges for cargo airline captains and first officers: 



  • Entry Level: $92,000 - $276,000 

  • Average (4-8 yrs): $160,000 - $310,000 

  • Senior (8+ yrs): $172,000 - $326,000 


First Officers:  

  • Entry Level: $83,000 - $116,000 

  • Average (4-8 yrs): $108,000 - $193,000 

  • Senior (8+ yrs): $137,000 - $226,000 


These figures underscore the competitive compensation packages offered to cargo pilots, reflecting their expertise and the demands of the role. 



At Brookfield Aviation International, we salute the dedication and skill of cargo pilots who play a vital role in global logistics. We are committed to supporting aviation, as we recognise their contributions to the efficient movement of goods worldwide. Flying for an airline presents a unique and rewarding career path, and we're here to help pilots navigate their journey with confidence and success. 

Check out the job portal to learn about all the airline openings. 


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