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British Aviation Experience

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About the Programme

This unique course in the U.K., for students aged between 14-18, will give an insight into what it is like to work within the aviation industry. Students will experience many aspects of the life of an airline professional, pilot or aircraft engineer. This will include flying lessons on light aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic lessons, Boeing simulator, Air Law, Aviation Communications, aircraft maintenance, safety and emergency training. There are also visits to airline headquarters, survival and self-defence training, and lectures from aviation experts. 


The course is an excellent way to help young people decide whether or not they would like a career in aviation and it is a wonderful experience for the participants, who will gain flying experience, a broader outlook on life and a range of professional skills and knowledge whilst having fun.


Our Courses


Flight Training

  • Flight Training 

  • 3 ⨯ 1 Hour Flight Lessons in Light Aircraft

  • Aerobatic Lesson

  • Helicopter Lesson 

  • Lessons are conducted by fully approved UK CAA Instructors

  • Ground School: Air Law, Navigation, Communications

  • Tour of Airport Facilities, Helicopter Maintenance Facilities. 

  • Uniform, Navigation Chart, PPL Syllabus and a Pilot's Logbook provided 


Meetings with Airlines & Tours of Headquarters - British Airways 

  • Safety & Emergency Procedures (SEP) Training at BA

  • A talk on 'The Operations of an International Airline' by British Airways

  • Visit to the British Airways Heritage Centre 


Survival Experience Day & Self-defence Seminar

  • Learning how to survive in the wilderness 

  • Aircraft Cabin Self-defence and Passenger Control


Aviation Lectures and Seminars

  • Lectures and talks with pilots, engineers and aviation professionals, giving students an insider view of the industry

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Simulator Day & Aircraft Maintenance Facility Tour

  • Visit to Maintenance Facilities

  • Flying in a Full Motion Boeing Flight Simulator, with lessons from Qualified UK CAA Instructors 

  • Lecture on Pilot Career Paths by Jet Airline Captains with Full Simulator In-brief and Out-brief 

Quotes from
Previous Students

"What I feel I have gained both personally and professionally is how to deal with different people from different places around the world and get along with them."

— Jaeden from Bermuda 


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At the end of “The British Aviation Experience”, the students will have logged their first hours of flight, improved their spoken English and gained experience and knowledge of many aspects of the aviation industry to help them decide if being a pilot is a career for them. Most importantly they will gain life skills, make friends from around the world and have two weeks of fun.

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