Brookfield Roadshow – Moving on to South America!

Brookfield Aviation pilot roadshows have been a regular feature of the international pilot recruitment calendar for many years. The 2019 shows have been conducted in London and Madrid in May, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo in June, and now move on to South America for July. These events showcase the wide range of pilot jobs represented by Brookfield and regularly feature guest presenters from our client airlines. “ With so many different positions to choose from, the showcases give pilots a good insight into what life is like in the different countries where the jobs are based, as well as the opportunity to discuss the terms conditions and experience requirements of each of the airlines represe

Flying High in a Man’s World.

We live in the 21st century, the human civilisation era, gender equality is still a controversial topic across different sectors and cultures in the world. While the sky is open to everyone, there is a wide gap between numbers of male and female pilots in the aviation industry. Today, I would like to share an inspiring story of one of Brookfield’s female pilots, Sheetal Somla from South Africa. She is currently flying for Bamboo Airways in Vietnam as an Airbus 320 First Officer. Brief aviation background “I started flying in 2007 and completed a full ATPL in 2013 with a grade 2 Instructors rating. I worked at Africa Aviation Academy giving instruction as well as flying for a survey and engin

Start Up Airlines: Getting an AOC and the Right Postholders

Starting up a company is never easy, starting an airline has all sorts of specific challenges that are hard to be estimated the first time around. Starting an airline requires a substantial investment for completing the certification process, leasing or purchasing planes, recruiting, training, route planning, facilitating maintenance paying personnel and purchasing a range of services and securing take-off and landing slots at different airports. It sounds like if you own a large amount of money, you will be able to start an airline. However, is that true? Prior to commencing commercial air operations, the funding is not the only criteria to be considered, but it’s also all about whether you

Pilots’ Mental Health: Are Airlines Doing Enough?

Airlines Unprepared for Mandatory Psychological Evaluations A survey has recently been completed targeted at gathering insight and opinion around the new EASA Regulations into psychological testing of Pilots. This survey, conducted by the company Symbiotics, has provided some useful yet concerning information about the readiness of the aviation industry to comply with the new rules that come into force in July 2020. Of the European Pilot respondents, only 10% are very / extremely familiar with the amendments as opposed to 45% who have no familiarity at all. Only 17% of survey respondents’ employers have solutions or psychological assessments in place already, demonstrating a serious lack of

Multiculturalism in Brookfield, The Key to Success.

Working in Brookfield is the most rewarding experience. It has been a time when I’ve grown professionally and personally. Of all the list of aspects that I would like to share, today I want to use these lines to talk about the experience of working in a multicultural team. When people visit Brookfield for the first time they get surprised by the mix of accents, and languages spoken at the same time. According to David George, CEO of Brookfield Aviation: “Diversity has been one of the most important pillars of making of us the leading company in our industry. It has positively impacted our general operation as well as the individual performance of our employees”. In this way, multiculturalism

Paris Air Show: The Positive and the Negative

Paris was on the spotlight during the week June 17-23 with one of the most important Air Shows in 2019 held at Le Bourget. Our expectations in the weeks ahead of the airshow were optimistic about the performance of the commercial deals closed by Embraer and ATR in the growing regional sector worldwide. We have a solid experience supplying reputable airlines operating in the regional market such as Avianca, Air Astana, Royal Air Maroc, Cambodia Angkor Air among others. Hence, we are ready to crew up the prestigious airlines and companies that were part of the +100 deals closed by ATR (ATR42/72 -600S) and 78 deals by the Brazilian maker Embraer (E-190, E-195, E175s). On the opposite, many comp

The Future Look of Air Force One

Over the past few years the US has been negotiating with Boeing over replacements for Air Force One. Last year the US formally ordered two 747-8s to replace the current 747 – 200s, which are expected to be delivered in 2024. At first glance, before diving into what the new version of Air Force One will be, it’s best to look at its past history and what planes they have used before. The very first Air Force One was a Douglas Dolphin Amphibian in 1933 and was used by Franklin Roosevelt until the start of World War Two. U.S coast Guard RD-2 in June, 1932 Thereafter, a Boeing 314 flying boat was employed, called the Dixie Clipper. Thus, the president was required to cover a flight of over 5500

Looking for a Brighter Future as a Pilot.

Stepping aside from your comfort zone, culture and customs to look for a brighter future. I have talked to many pilots in Latin America from all over the Continent, people from Argentina to Mexico, and I could say each pilot has different goals and convictions, and depending on that, they could accept or not an international job to take advantage of the outstanding opportunities and benefits that this career could provide them abroad. Many pilots haven’t realized how much they can grow up professionally and economically within an international airline, nevertheless, for Latin American people it is more difficult to get separated from family, culture and customs - that’s Latin pilots’ main co

End of an Era.

Last month saw the retirement of two of Brookfield’s longest serving employees, Debra Romagnuolo and Felicity Gillespie, who had been with our company for 15 and 14 years respectively. In their long careers with the company, Debra (office manager at Brookfield HQ) and Felicity ( I.T. and database manager) have seen massive growth of the company and have been instrumental in its facilitation. Brookfield CEO David George with Felicity (left) and Debra. “Nobody could have had more loyal and trusted employees than Debra and Felicity” said David George, Brookfield CEO. “They have had a massive influence on the company during the last decade and a half with their outstanding professionalism which

Airline Safety Records – No Room for Complacency

Air travel is considered to be one of the safest transportation forms, however air accidents still occur. According to Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) - based on the measurement of Revenue Passengers Kilometres, fatalities among all occupants on board, hull losses, incidents, IOSA, time weighting factor and the transparency of the controlling authority of Aircraft Accident Investigation, Emirates in UAE was rated the safest airline in 2018, followed by Norwegian and Virgin Atlantic. Meanwhile Qantas was rated as the safest after and industry rankings’ reports in 2019. It was mentioned that Australia has an enviable safety record. Australian skies are rel

Education and Aviation: Youth and Future Generations

The origins of Aviation are extensive, same as every crucial moment of our history that led to changes and evolution in the industry. Most of the representation of innovation achievement during decades of development in aviation has been displayed in museums. Sometimes as a purpose of commemoration of a biggest achievement. Also, to let future generations know about the past and to be inspired and curious about this marvelous industry. Aviation museums and courses educate special all ages in the legacy bequeathed by pioneers of the industry and aviation as we know it today. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – Washington D.C. There is a very dedicated exhibit to the Wright Broth

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