Brexit: How Will it Affect Aviation?

Brexit is the most famous word used since the referendum in June 2016 when the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union -a decision which few people on either side of public opinion would deny has created widespread uncertainty across all business sectors, aviation included. There has been a lot of alarmism, many proposals have been made, the white paper published but nothing approved and agreed from all sides. Nowadays there is a no-deal scenario for the 29th March 2019, the date when the agreement or no agreement will become a reality. In the aviation industry, the most significant impact of Brexit will be felt by all the European citizens and the British entities that work and f

Vietnam the Fastest Growing Aviation Market in Asia

Vietnam, my home country, is always a promising destination for foreign visitors not only because of its spectacular wonders, but also due to its amazing street food cuisine and friendly culture. According to IATA, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing aviation markets globally and it will be the fifth fastest-growing market by 2035. Vietnam had been the leading market in Asia-Pacific in terms of air passenger growth in the last five years with 28.9%, which is more than double the second lead market China. Over the last decade, the average growth rate has been 17.4%, far higher than the 7.9% growth in Asia. The key-driven factors are Vietnam joining several free trade agreements, a growing t

Taking a Leap into Space

With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, there is no better time than now to implement a cadet programme for the future of British astronauts. In 2018 we have seen the implementation of the Space Industry Bill that sets the groundwork for building a spaceport and boosting the aerospace industry in the UK. Britain will need to build up a solid stream of candidates for an astronaut programme if the UK plans on competing in the international space race we are seeing here in the early years of the 21stcentury. Brookfield is looking for the brightest students between the ages of 14-18 that have the desire to help the United Kingdom compete in the space race. There will be many excitin

QAZAQ AIR: 6 Weeks on 6 Weeks off for New Pilots!

QAZAQ AIR, the regional airline of Kazakhstan, are now offering one of the best options in the market for Captains on the Q-400, with a new six weeks on / six weeks off roster, providing not only the way to get 100% salary in 50% of the working time, but additionally including per-diems, housing allowances, ground transportation and travel allowances. The airline has successfully passed the IOSA operational safety audit of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and to celebrate it the airline has offered to all Captains on the Q400 this 42 days ON, 42 days OFF commuting contract starting January 2019. (see details here) An accredited independent audit expert performed a check fo

Business Aviation Outlook: The Bright Decade Ahead

The business aviation sector has a promising future for the next decade, with forecasted projects valued at $251bn, equivalent to around 7,700 new aircraft being delivered between 2019 and 2028. Most of this growth is expected to occur in 2020 when 24% of these deliveries are scheduled for operators. Furthermore, one of the key factors influencing this market performance is the annual growth rate of 4% worldwide, triggered by the improved economic performance of new models. The key players in the industry; Bombardier, Honda, and Embraer provided an optimistic outlook for their operations during this year’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBRACE), held in Geneva. Honda stood out an

Legends of Aviation: #8 The Flying Tigers

“Flying Tigers” was the nickname of the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941–1942. It was comprised of pilots from the US Air Corps, Navy and Marines and commanded by General Claire Lee Chennault. The group consisted of three fighter squadrons of around 30 aircraft each. It trained in Burma before the American entry into World War II with the mission of defending China against Japanese forces. The group of volunteers were officially members of the Chinese Air Force, motivated by the belief in the cause they were fighting for and salaries around three times what they had been making in the U.S. forces. The Tigers were based in Kunming, China and first saw comb

Mitigating the Carbon Footprint

A report by National Geographic suggests that if aviation were a country, it would be the world’s seventh largest carbon emitter. Today the industry contributes 12% of the total CO2 emissions created by transport (road vehicles by comparison contribute 74%). Despite this, its impact is not as critical as other industries as the all the supply chain is committed to the reduction its carbon footprint. In this way, aviation produces 2% of all human-induced carbon dioxide. By 2036 it is forecasted that the industry will contribute with $1.5 trillion to the world GDP increasing directly its impact on the carbon footprint. As it is well known an increment in CO2 emissions promotes a rise in temper

Brookfield Aviation Showcases – Coming in 2019

We are very proud to announce the first of our Showcases which will take place at London Gatwick on 27th March 2019. These are unique events, due to be attended by numerous airlines and more than 200 pilots and engineers at all levels, interested in new career choices . For the airlines there will be the opportunity to meet potential new candidates (with interview facilities available), and for the pilots, engineers and job seekers to meet the airlines’ management, discuss the various jobs on offer. However these Showcases are not just job fairs, but also a forum for discussion of a wide range of industry topics, such as the environment, security, challenges facing airlines in the face of ri

Making a Pilot’s Life Easier

Brookfield has been witnessing pilots encounter difficulties and issues in applying for jobs, which could lead to the result that they can’t get jobs even putting in lots of effort and even worse losing finance or losing other job opportunities. This article is to share our useful tips for pilots to avoid the unwanted situations for pilots when applying for jobs around the world. 1. When pilots have licence verification/ validation with their authority: Not only pilots, but lots of Brookfield’s airline clients have delays when going through this stage. Because the airlines’ aviation authorities require: Verification/validation request which must be sent from airline’s civil aviation authorit

Education and Training for the Young Generation of Aviators.

More than 600 young wannabe pilots visited Brookfield’s “British Aviation Experience” stand at the 2018 Pilot Careers Live Heathrow event in November. Our company has kept spreading its passion for aviation life and sharing the excitement of education and training for the next generation with what is the only course of its kind for the 14-18 age group. These young people have an avid desire to learn, and speaking to the young generation continually helps our team to understand the concerns and desires of the future aviators and inspire its range of services. The insufficient number of pilots and aircraft engineers is always in the spotlight of the aviation industry. It is reported that the i

Spring Airlines Japan

春秋航空日本株式会社 Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd. (Shunjū Kōkū Nihon Kabushiki Gaisha) is a low-cost airline headquartered in Kozunomori, Narita, Japan. It is 33% owned by Spring Airlines, a Chinese low-cost carrier, with the remainder held by various Japanese investors. The airline began operations in August 2014, having originally planned to begin operations in autumn 2013. 春秋航空日本株式会社 (Shunjū Kōkū Nihon Kabushiki Gaisha,以下简称“春秋日航”) 是一家低成本航空公司,总部位于日本东京成田国际机场。中国的低成本航空公司春秋航空集团股份持有33%,其余的股份由其他的日本投资者持有。春秋日航成立于2014年8月,原先的成立时间是2013年秋季。 春秋日航位于成田的总部 History Spring Airlines announced in 2011 that it had plans to establish a subsidiary in Japan; it would be the first Chinese airline to do so. Spring was req

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