Be the Next Aircraft Engineer

Do you want to train with a world market leader in aircraft maintenance? Lufthansa Technik Shannon and Brookfield Education and Training have signed a new partnership to help train and provide the next generation of aircraft maintenance engineering professionals. Lufthansa Technik Shannon, based in Ireland, offer this 28-month Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training Course, where upon successful completion, students will meet the requirements to apply for an EASA Category A Aircraft Maintenance License and they will also have completed 70% of the B1.1 Aircraft Maintenance License modules and 58% of the B2 Aircraft Maintenance License modules. The advantage of this course is that with a fur

What Every ‘Export Pilot’ Needs to Know.

As the industry expands, the number of pilots changing jobs to new airlines in this dynamic environment is increasing tremendously. Changes to work in new countries are becoming more and more popular as the pilots have opportunities to capitalise on the skills shortage to earn more money and expose themselves to different cultures, politics, geography, etc. and expand their experience. However there are differences between pilots’ documents required by every aviation authority and additional documents required for foreign licence validations and licence issuance. Unlike the case with EASA, most countries do not have identical regulations. Each country’s authority can bring difficulties to

British Aviation Experience 2018

This summer, Brookfield Education and Training’s unique programme for teenagers “The British Aviation Experience” welcomed young aviators from around the world for two weeks intensive training in many aspects of the business. The course consists of flying lessons with aerobatics, a session in a full motion B-747 simulator, visits to MRO facilities, airline operational headquarters, aircraft museums, SEP training day, lectures from aviation professionals and more. This was the second year that we have run the programme and plans are already underway for more courses in 2019. Students take a break from their flying lessons in Oxford Students arrived in London from all over Europe, Australia,

Instructor Crisis: Shortage Resulting in Soaring Remuneration.

Air Transport is facing an unprecedented crisis. The expansion of the industry calls for growing numbers of instructors for all roles – pilots, engineers, cabin crew, ground staff, ATC etc. This requirement is not being satisfied and the skills shortage is becoming more severe with each passing day. The continuously discussed massive demand for pilots during the years to come can ultimately only be satisfied by training and hence the role of instructor is more vital than it has ever been. At the present time there are not enough instructors around the world and as this raises the profile, and indeed the remuneration for the TRI, it provides plenty of motivation for senior captains to qualify

Legends of Aviation #7: The Spitfire.

For most of us the name “Spitfire” conjures up images of the Battle of Britain, with these beautiful, elliptical winged fighter aircraft defending the sky over the White Cliffs of Dover in 1940. But that is only a small part of the story of the most legendary of all aircraft. What is less known is that the Spitfire was actually in service with a total of thirty six different air forces around the world between 1938 and 1961 and its role in the Battle of Britain, although decisive, was secondary to the older and more conventionally designed Hawker Hurricane. But the Spitfire was and still is instantly recognisable, in whatever colours it may be painted. Reginald Mitchell, who was renowned fo

Be the First Plastic Free Airline

In October last year, the BBC series Blue Planet II was released to viewers. It has been one of the most outstanding works of art, photography, nature and social contribution since its start in 2001. For those who haven’t seen it, Blue Planet is a series of documentaries narrated by David Attenborough that focuses on showing the untold and “never catch on camera” stories of the natural world. The first series never intended to show the negative impact that our careless behaviour has to the planet, but in Blue Planet II, there is a urgent message to all of us to be careful of what we are doing with our lands and oceans. The documentary has had a really big impact on hundreds of thousands of p

Turboprop Aircraft : The Future Landscape

Since the early part of the 2000s, many predictions by airline experts claimed that the utilisation of turboprop aircraft was declining and close to cease operations worldwide. This theory was mainly supported by the end of production of the Fokker 50, Saab 340/2000, BAE Systems Jetstream 41, ATP, Embraer 120 and the Dornier 328. Simultaneously, the rise in popularity of regional jets like the ERJ family and CRJ among others, also hit turboprop sales that led to the demise of many of the types. With only 2 major players on the field; ATR and Bombardier were left with not promising expectations and the survival days of their turboprops were counted since the beginning of the millennium, when

Follow up on the C919

Time flies. In May last year, the C919, made in China, made its first flight from Pudong Airport. This opened a new chapter in Chinese aviation industry. What is the latest update on the aircraft one year after it has been launched ? So far, there have been 28 domestic and international buyers of the C919, with a total of 815 orders. China has not worried about the number of orders for its domestically developed passenger jet. To show support for the domestic civil aviation industry, Chinese airline and leasing companies have been placing huge orders ahead of schedule. At present, the 200 C919 included in the agreement between HNA and COMAC have not been finalised. However, the market e

A Sparkling New City Airport in China

Airport New City in Xi’an has a total planning area of 144.18 square kilometres, including 13.8 square kilometres free trade area. It’s one of the largest airport economic and free trade zones in China, having established the strategic orientation of “Four Centres” around the overall goal of building an international aviation hub, focusing on the development of aviation logistics, aviation maintenance, headquarters office, international convention and exhibition, cross-border e-commerce etc. The T5 Station Integrated Business Area is located on the northeast side of Airport New City and has a planned area of 4.67 square kilometres. It focuses on fostering industries such as commerce, culture

The way to travel change with low cost

Low cost companies are growing by leaps and bounds. This has allowed more people to have the option to travel. In European countries, this is not a phenomenon that can be seen in broad strokes, because for many years they have had low cost companies that facilitate the connection between countries with benefits in costs, options (many airlines and routes), and closeness between countries. It makes it cheap flight accessible to everyone. However, the reality in other parts of the world, such as Latin America, is completely different. A few years ago, to travel by air in Latin America or inside a country such as Colombia was almost a dream.Only people with wealthy economic solvency could trave

Brookfield Supports Epsom and Ewell ATC Squadron.

Brookfield Aviation continues its support for the Epsom and Ewell Air Training Corps 323 Squadron, most recently attending the annual inspection, alongside the inspecting officer, Chief Superintendent Paul Brooker MBE and Warrant Officer Simon Tait. The Epsom and Ewell Squadron is just one of many within the air cadet community, which numbers more than 40,000 members between the ages of 12 and 20. The organisation is sponsored by the Royal Air Force and challenges these young people to learn about aviation and experience flight. Whilst much of this is publicly-funded via the RAF, the provision of flight simulators relies entirely on local fundraising and grants from sponsors. Simon Tait wi

The Best Ever Time to be an Aviation Maintenance Engineer?

The Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook 2018-2037, forecast that more than 42.000 new aeroplanes will enter service, which will increase the demand of pilots, maintenance technicians and cabin crew like never before in history. As far as it concerns AMMTEs (Aircraft Maintenance Mechanics, Technicians and Engineers), the largest demand will be in the Asia Pacific region, where it is forecast will need 257.000 new engineers. Airlines in North America will require 189.000, Europe 132,000, the Middle East 66.000, Latin America 55,000, Africa 28.000, and Russia / Central Asia 27.000. Despite this promising context, it seems the industry is not ready to meet these requirements. Just in the United St

China Southern Airlines:  A World-Class Air Transport Company

中国南方航空:致力于建设具有全球竞争力的世界一流航空运输企业 China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd., a proud member of SkyTeam, is directly affiliated with China Southern Air Holding Company Ltd., specializing in air transportation services. With headquarters based in Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines’ company logo can be seen around the globe with a brilliant red kapok delicately adoring a blue vertical tail fin. 天合联盟成员中国南方航空股份有限公司(以下简称南航),总部设在广州,以蓝色垂直尾翼镶红色木棉花为公司标志,是中国运输飞机最多、航线网络最发达、年客运量最大的航空公司,拥有新疆、北方等16家分公司和厦门航空等6家控股航空子公司,在珠海设有南航通航,在杭州、青岛等地设有22个国内营业部,在新加坡、纽约等地设有68个国外办事处。 China Southern Airlines operates the largest fleet, most developed route network and largest passenger capacity of any airline in The People's Republic o

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