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South Pacific

International Medivac Insurance

Brookfield is proud to announce its association with Helipro (Fiji) Pte Limited as its South Pacific Co-ordinator for Medevac services in:


Banaba Island- Cook Islands-Fiji-Majuro - Guam - Kiribati- Kirtimati-Line Islands-Marshall Islands -New Caledonia-Palau-Papua New Guinea-Port Moresby –Samoa -Solomon Islands -Tabuaeran-Tokelau–Tonga –Tuvalu-Wallis & Futuna-Vanuatu and other islands.


Brookfield now offers its long running successful Group International Aviation Medical Insurance programme to the above South Pacific Islands.


With the Brookfield South Pacific specialised medevac group insurance cover and Helipro’s years of providing International critical care services, you can be assured of rapid response times and the best possible medical care in emergency medical situations.

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Peace of Mind - Medivac Insurance

Many people are worried about how to keep themselves, their families and employees protected and healthy while living on the South Pacific Islands.


With Brookfield South Pacific Medevac Insurance, regardless of your occupation, one call will give you Peace of Mind knowing that when a medical emergency arises, you will have the best possible medical treatment.


Worldwide Healthcare Access

This policy is designed to provide cover anywhere in the world.

Hence, should a medical emergency arise that cannot be treated locally to an appropriate standard, the patient and accompanying family member will be transported to the nearest place where appropriate treatment can be delivered. (Subject to COVID-19 border controls)


Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Underwriting is on a Medical History Disregarded basis, meaning that all pre-existing conditions are covered, and no medical declaration has to be signed.

(Clients over 70 years of age will require an assessment)


COVID-19 Cover

Specialist medivac teams and transport will care for COVID-19 patients.

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