Helping our Friends at Thomas Cook

Perhaps not every cloud has a silver lining, but in the wake of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy, many pilots and engineers were comforted to know that Brookfield Aviation have jobs available with our many clients to offer most of them. To deliver this message, Brookfield attended the major recruitment fair to support former Thomas Cook employees at Runway Park in Manchester, whilst simultaneously hosting our own exclusive pilot and engineer roadshow at the Marriott Hotel. “Interest in the opportunities we have to offer has been immense” said Jose Rojas, Project Manager for Brookfield, “The quality of candidates from Thomas Cook being extremely high, we will have many of these working again very

Latin America; Airline Market Outlook 2020

The Market The Latin American airline industry of 2019 bears little resemblance to what it was at the turn of this century. The industry is now generating $156 billion in GDP (expected to reach $322 billion by 2034), supporting 7.2 million jobs and connecting the region with 160 global cities on 2.6 million flights per year. Since 1990, ticket prices have dropped dramatically by 64%, while the travel options have increased due to the rapid expansion of LCCs like Spirit, Volaris, InterJet, VivaAerobus, JetBlue, Azul, Gol, Sky Airline, JetSmart, Fly Bondi among others. For instance, in Brazil and Mexico LCCs are dominating the majority of their domestic traffic with 65%. LCCs will strengthen t

Memories of The British Aviation Experience 2019

“Pull back,” said my Flight instructor. It was the best feeling taking off, 4 thousand feet into the sky. I cannot describe what I was feeling back then. About three months ago, I was growing bored of Mombasa’s heat and began searching for summer camps and came across the “British Aviation Experience” organized by Brookfield Aviation based in the United Kingdom. I told my parents, we talked to them and the next thing I knew I had the flight ticket in my hand. I was really excited for this camp because it would be my first time flying and the 10 days I signed up for would enable me to decide whether I want to actually become a pilot or not. The camp started on 16th July and ended on 27th July

Farmers Go Barking Mad Over Drones

On the hillside in New Zealand, a humming buzz and an electronic bark with a pitch altering tone, echoes from the distance. Flocks of sheep are heading to new pastures with the emergence of new sheep herding technological drones. The drone stops and hovers, as its microphone picks up the agonising screech coming behind the hedges about a half mile away. A sheep’s head is lodged uncomfortably through the wire netting on the perimeter of the land boundary. The farmer has the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the squealing sheep and the drone is controlled to fly to location to investigate and gather more data. Farmers can control the drone’s flight pattern and cameras, utilising these

New Brookfield Healthcare Partnership Brings Extra Benefits to Pilots

Brookfield Aviation International has recently appointed Engage Health Group, a UK based benefits brokerage and consultancy, with a specialist International benefits channel, to arrange International Private Medical Insurance for its pilots. Having a quality private medical insurance provision has long-been an attractive benefit. However, providing medical coverage for an expatriate, or globally mobile population can make it both complex and expensive if you don’t access the right expertise to navigate the marketplace. What was once a nice additional perk is increasingly a standard requirement, particularly within the competitive aviation industry. There are a number of reasons behind the in

Gliding a Heavy Jet.

How far can a jet aircraft glide in the event of a multiple engine failure? Well it all depends on the wind speed and direction, the type of aircraft and the altitude at the time of the catastrophe. It could be up to 100 miles, but whatever it is there are some pilots whose hobby flying gliders has turned out to be very useful. One such pilot is Bob Pearson, captain of Air Canada flight 143, a B-767-200 which ran out of fuel at an altitude of 12,500m on 23rd July 1983 due to a refuelling miscalculation caused by a recent change to the metric system. This resulted in less than half the required amount of fuel being uploaded. The crew, with Captain Bob in command being an experienced glider p

The Ambitions of China’s Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport scheduled the first commercial flights on 25th September, which also marked the official opening of the airport. It cost 80 billion Yuan and just took more than four years to complete the project on 30th June 2019. The estimated annual passenger flow will reach 170 million and the number of aircraft movements will be 800,000 per year. Daxing International Airport highlights are mainly focused on the following points: Firstly, this is one of the largest single-building airport terminals in the world which is set to welcome 72 million travellers a year by 2025. The unusual terminal building has five connected concourses serving four runways. The area of

Turmoil and Hope in Indian Aviation

The Indian aviation industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country during the last few years. India has become the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to overtake the UK to become the third-largest air passenger market in the next five years. The Indian aviation industry is largely untapped with enormous growth prospects, considering that air transport is still expensive for the majority of the country’s population, of which nearly 40 per cent is the upwardly mobile middle class. The industry stakeholders should engage and collaborate with policymakers to implement efficient and rational decisions that would boost India’s civil aviat

Q400 Job Market: Current and Future Perspectives

There are 495 active Q400 aircraft operated among the 50 carriers spread around the globe. On July 26 De Havilland Canada delivered to its biggest African customer the 600th aircraft to support its increasing regional operations. According to data from Ch-Aviation most providers are in Africa, Asia and Europe conglomerating most of the 75% of operators. As expected, a very big portion of the total of aircraft operate as well in the same market. Europe still accounting for the biggest share of the market followed by Asia and Africa in the Region. Across the Atlantic Ocean, North America stepped up to be the second region with more quantity of Q400 aircraft in the world. De Havilland Aircraft

The Ups and Downs of Boeing

After two fatal crashes of B737-MAX in 2018 and 2019, the aviation regulators and airlines around the world decided to ground all the 737 MAX; 387 in total. But as quoted by Paul Osorio, Senior Business Development Manager of Brookfield: “The Boeing 737-MAX can be grounded but that does not mean that the amount of offers for Boeing pilots has decreased! In fact, there is a big demand on going for all these pilots around the world and the amount of B737NG aircraft requested to Boeing in 2019 has increased even more!” Boeing started in 1916 between William Boeing and George Westervelt, a marine engineer, under the name of B&W. After a short period they decided to called it Aero Product Company

Legends of Aviation #10: Captain Liu Chuanjian

Recently, the movie "The Captain" became a hit which is shot according to the 2018 Sichuan Airlines flight diversion Chengdu incident. This movie created more than 2 billion at the box office. As a hero story, it also attracts people’s attention and brings a legend of aviation to the public’s field of vision again. In reality, let’s find out what really happened on May 14, 2018, during the cruise phase of Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 in Chengdu area. The windshield in front of the right seat of the cockpit suddenly broke. The cockpit windshield came off. Loss of pressure in the cockpit, the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees rapidly, and most of the instruments failed. The captain cou

20 Years Supporting Circus Starr

Among the many charitable causes supported by Brookfield Aviation, there is a very special charity that we are proud to be associated with. Circus Starr provides £1.37 million worth of free circus tickets every year, bringing the gift of entertainment into the lives of children and families in the most need. Director Michelle Crossley explains: “A visit to Circus Starr can give a child the rare opportunity to experience the inspiring world of circus in an environment where all of their needs are met. The atmosphere in our Big Top is warm, friendly and extremely relaxed. Children are encouraged to be themselves – shout out, move around, dance or take time out if they need to. We have seen tim

Jobs for former Thomas Cook employees at Marriot Manchester Airport Event WA15 8XW

We are supporting Former Thomas Cook pilots, engineers and management on 3rd October 2019 at Marriot Manchester Airport WA15 8XW Marriot Hotel Airport, Oak Room - from 10AM to 3PM We have jobs for engineers and pilots and airline management which we will present at the Marriot Manchester Airport. The event is for Thomas Cook employees hosted by Brookfield Aviation. Pilots from other airlines are also welcome to attend this event. We will have Brookfield Aviation staff helping with job applications and sharing the current and active vacancies by other airlines around the world. The main attraction for this event is that Former Thomas Cook employees will get a chance for exclusive visibility f

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