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Contract Management

All your aviation personnel on flexible contracts


Aircraft, Loss of Licence,

Medical and Travel Insurance


Efficient and compliant



Maintenance Supervision

ICAO/EASA compliant


Pilots, In-Flight Service

Personnel and Engineers

We make your life easier.


BCS (Brookfield Contract Solutions) offers to all commercial airlines and private aviation operators one of the best integrated solutions for the industry; a tailor-made flexible contract fully compliant that allows your airline to hire any aviation personnel, including pilots, management, engineers and cabin crew in a very short time, and most importantly, hassle free, so you can focus on what is important: Growth in the time of crisis.


The policy is designed to cover treatment anywhere in the world. Hence, should an expat employee experience a medical emergency that can’t be treated to an appropriate standard locally, he/she and an accompanying family member will be transported to the nearest place appropriate treatment can be delivered. COVID


Our partners are specialized in any type of aeronautical risks starting with aircraft operations (from turboprops to wide body airliners, as well as helicopter operations), used for regular, governmental, offshore, firefighting, Medevac, VIP transportation, cargo operations, and charter flight, among others.


Maintenance and Components Support, Flight Operation solutions, Safety and Compliance Audits as well as broad Technical and Financial Consultancy Services for all types of aviation businesses (Lessors/Financiers/Aircraft owners, Commercial Airlines, Business Aviation Companies, MROs, Governments/Air Forces). 

We are able to offer services focused on the client´s specific needs and expectations and we are able to support a wide range of projects, including airline structure solutions, software selection/implementation solutions, in-house and 3rd party Maintenance oversight support, process organization improvement, Material and Logistics Support, general Engineering support in areas such as modifications/repairs/reliability/etc., as well as Technical Records auditing.


Our services are designed to be flexible and adaptable to an ever-changing economic environment whether our clients wish to expand into new markets, run their businesses more effectively or simply to save money.


Brookfield Aviation International represents more than 70,000+ experienced aviation personnel some of whom will be willing to work for your airline. Whether you are operating one aircraft or a fleet, we will find the pilots and cabin crew you need for your operation.  

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