GDPR: What it Means

One of the biggest changes to European data privacy law comes into effect on 25 May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, means that individuals will in future have more control over how their data is used. It will also ensure that organisations controlling or processing personal data will protect this more rigorously. The aviation industry in general, and airlines in particular, handle incredibly large amounts of sensitive personal data – customer records, credit card details, employee files, security information etc. Generally the protection of this data has always been robust, with every individual having the right to know what information about them is being h

Aerotoxic Syndrome – The Invisible Aviation Risk

Modern aviation science and technology have been developing at a fast pace. The designs of aircraft are more stable and secure. The aircraft accessories have also been improving constantly. However, there are few changes related to projects of air compression and cabin air supply. The bleed air system which has been used for many years is always questioned and there indeed are some dangers hidden in the flying trapeze life which everyone is envious of. Most crews are sceptical of suffering the incurable disease known as Aerotoxic Syndrome, which is a lifelong pain. Aerotoxic Syndrome is a term used to describe the symptoms of exposure to contaminated air. The senior British medical examiner,

“Best Season Ever” for Pilot Summer Contracts

Summer is looming and as always this is the high season for pilot recruitment for short term contracts in Europe. This year it seems airlines are offering the most attractive terms and benefits in an effort to secure the services of the pilots they need to operate their schedules. It’s not just the charter operators which are struggling to recruit the numbers of pilots they need. Emirates, the world’s biggest long-haul airline, faces threat of summer pilot shortages every year. The airline comes under pressure with a shortfall of average 100 to 150 pilots each summer. Preparation for the summer recruitment Brookfield’s pilot training partners and airline clients usually plan at the end of ea

Courageous Travellers Going to the North Pole!

A London fashion designer is planning to launch new sightseeing, exploring and adventure tours to and over the North Pole. Dario Tojcic, who has been designing luxury items for prestige brand names for many years, has a large following of wealthy clients who are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Arctic and who have been the catalyst for his ambitious project. “Interest in the project and the product has been immense” said Dario, “These are adventurous, rich people who want to do some of the ‘50 things to do before you die’. We are co-operating with planet conservation charities such as Greenpeace and Polar Bears International, the Natural History and Smithsonian Museums, governm

Kazakhstan, The Place To Be.

I decided to go, once again, to Kazakhstan to meet Fernando Artigas, a Venezuelan pilot who has been living in Almaty for nearly 3 years. His experience has been positive and it will show everyone that sometimes we have wrong stereotypes about people and places in the world. Brookfield has started a series of mini-documentaries where you will be able to get to know first-hand not only our pilots and our jobs but all the flavours, aromas, landscapes and other little details that make a difference when you go for one of our opportunities. Have a look at the video, if you are interested in applying, please email me for more information.

Chinese Language Opens Doors to Highly Paid Work in China

Chinese is one of the most important languages in the world. Learning the language would be the best way to open the doors to many working and business opportunities in China. Over 750,000 people around the world take the Official Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) every year. All these people from different industries, backgrounds are learning in hope to understand the often-misunderstood country better and benefit from knowing the world’s most widely spoken language, whether it is for personal reasons or business opportunities. With the robust economic growth in China and growing ties between China and the rest of the world, the individuals learning this language are gaining a competitive adva

Urban Air Transportation and the future of VTOL aircraft

The race for the revolution of air transport continues aggressively and we humans and our dream of flying is not satisfied yet, so we continue exploring new ways to expand our wings. Nowadays, it is the turn of on-demand Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft and all the opportunities this technology could bring about to our transport evolution and urban mobility. While on-demand helicopter services already exist within the industry and in certain cities, the VTOL aircraft are not yet in operation, but this does not mean that manufacturers and potential service providers are not making progress towards the future when the regulations and society allows its incorporation into our daily

Aviation in India – Market Growth and Opportunities

The Airports Council International observes that India will grow to represent the world’s third largest aviation market by 2020, behind the US and China. “The domestic Indian passenger market posted double-digit year on year RPK (revenue passenger kilometres) growth for the third year in a row in Feb 2018 (22.9%)”, twice the pace of China (11.8%) and above its five-year average (15.6%), according to IATA. Market outlook Total air traffic in India rose by 15.80% to 280.24 million during April-February 2017-18. As of March 2018. Accordingly, Delhi – the country’s largest airport, saw growth of 14.1% in passenger traffic raising it to the 16th busiest airport in the world. Calcutta, Hyderabad,

Legends of Aviation # 6: Avianca

Avianca is the oldest operating airline in the Americas and one of the most legendary airlines in the World! Established 99 years ago, it has an amazing story, history and reputation and continues to be the most prestigious name in South American civil aviation. It was founded in Barranquilla, a beautiful colonial city in Colombia by the Caribbean sea in December 1919 under the name of SCADTA. Started by five Colombians and three Germans, its first flight was with a Junkers F.13 carrying 57 mail letters. It was challenging but not so much as the second flight that flew from Barranquilla to the interior of Colombia for eight hours facing 4 emergency landings. With every flight the airline im

UK – Building our Space Future

The Space Industry Bill is a new act that got Royal Assent on the 15 March 2018 here in the United Kingdom. The timing of the new bill is creating an additional framework for the space exploration industry to have a driving force from Britain, as the UK leaves the European Union. Currently there are British aerospace companies that manufacture, produce, test and supply a plethora of services to the aerospace industry, but will now have additional momentum from the Space Industry Bill. The UK has ambitions to become a leading player in the industry by providing spaceports, allowing for rocket launches to set off and eventually setting the groundwork for the space tourism industry to have a ma

The World’s Pilot Shortage and the Solution

As the world becomes smaller and countries seem closer together, technology accelerates the process and generates curiosity for people to explore. Every day more and more people travel for business, leisure, study, medical conditions and family visits. However, as travellers increase, pilots are in greater demand and the shortage of pilots is now severe worldwide. Many airlines are worried about the pilot shortage in the industry around the world, and seek help from different perspectives to solve the problem. Companies such as Boeing and Airbus are increasing the capacity of instruction of new pilots, testing self-flying planes and so on. Globalisation has an important impact with a positi

Combination of Culture and Strength-Urumqi Air

Approved by Civil Aviation Administration of China, Urumqi Air was established by Urumqi government cooperating with HNA on November 18, 2013, which is located in Urumqi, Western China. Adhering to the HNA corporate culture and striving to build local airlines brand legend, Urumqi Air is committed to further optimize the environment of Urumqi economic and aviation service brand building in Urumqi city and to promote the development of Urumqi modern service industry. In line with the "foothold in Xinjiang, the national service" concept Urumqi Air adheres to the regionalization, localization operation and is into a service in regional economic construction and development of aviation group ent

West Air: A Rising Star in the Southwest

West Air is the second private airline in western China approved by the CAAC. Ranking only second to Spring Airlines. Headquartered in Chongqing, West Air has bases located in Chongqing Jiangbei, Zhengzhou Xinzheng and Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airports. The airline takes the modern management idea as the leading mind, and to establish the excellent and efficient modern air transport enterprise as the target. The Fleet West Air takes the all-airbus model, operating 27 aircraft, including 4 A319s and 23 A320s. The engines of the airbus A319 are V2500s. The Ideals Safety: It is undeniable that West Air is a young airline, but in security, it has the support from Hainan Airlines Group. In

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