B-Learning: The New Horizon for Aviation Training

E-Learning background In the aviation industry, virtual training of flight crews and maintenance personnel became popular worldwide during the 2000s, as a way for airlines and MRO’s to improve the training of their aviation human resources while meeting the regulatory obligations imposed by their civil aviation authorities. Over time, E-learning methodologies gathered critics and triggered a controversy in the industry. Those who advocate the positive impact claim that efficiency increased substantially in terms of scalability, the centralisation of the information, reduction of delivery times, training costs, maximisation of resources, and the usage of interactive and innovative techniques

Stay Home, Get Fitter and Save Lives

Our skies are empty except for birds, most aircraft around the world are grounded, most countries are in any shape of lockdown and most people must stay and/or work from home. This restriction of our physical freedom is for a major cause to interrupt the transmission of COVID-19 and save lives. However, the mega challenge brings about several consequences on people’s physical and mental health that is now triggering high levels of stress, anxiety, fear, low energy levels, eating disorders and obesity. The WHO as part of their battle against this horrid virus has announced their official advice to be active from home and/or isolation during COVID-19. By doing exercise at all ages, we ease mu

Bringing the Best in Health Insurance to the Aviation Community

It is widely known that Brookfield Aviation supplies aviation personnel for airlines all over the world. Being part of this amazing industry for more than 27 years, has helped us build an in-depth knowledge in finding the best solutions in assisting our pilots, engineers and management during the complex process of relocating outside their native countries. At the same time, we support our airline clients effectively by providing suitable candidates and taking care of their personnel needs. Regardless of whether you are a pilot, engineer or cabin crew planning a move to another country, or an airline seeking personnel from around the world will certainly present you with much to consider suc

Post Lockdown, What Can We Expect?

There is no question that we are facing the deepest recession in history. People seem to accept the “reality” that nobody knows what will happen next. However, as human beings, we have to keep fighting for a brighter future so long as we can stay safe and healthy. Airlines Resilience To get aircraft back into the skies strategic measures will need to be taken to minimise the virus transmission. Emirates has begun to conduct blood tests at the airport for passengers before travel and many airlines plan to keep the middle seats empty to enhance social distancing. Also, passengers and crews will be required to wear a mask and undergo a temperature check before boarding. These practices will ne

Time to Rethink your Investment

Technology has been advancing throughout the first two decades of the 21st Century, but the 2020s will be the decade that will see these advancements come into fruition. Robotics, drones, air taxis and virtual / augmented reality are just some of the technologies that will be utilised. As the first year in the 2020s has produced a pandemic that has economically crushed the aviation industry, the time is now to rethink the structure of the aviation industry and how it can survive to be more economically viable for future generations. Investors in the aviation industry will be looking for new ways to ensure their investments will achieve positive growth in their finances. I have previously wri

Future of the Industry: What will be the Next Move?

The industry is responding to new technologies. Automation and robotic precision are being highly used in the construction of aircraft engines and airframe painting. As big aircraft manufacturers are willing to optimize orders delivery to cope with demand, the future of 3D printing seems to have a reasonable usage within the industry. Around 1000 parts of airbus A350 XWB were 3D printed, in aerospace, Blue Origin 3D printing has accelerated the design process, replacing parts that used to take a year or more to source with parts made in-house in just a couple of months. Additional benefits from 3D printing will be represented in CO2 emission, wasted and cost reductions. Other Initiative to r

The impact of Covid-19 on the CO2 Offset Scheme

The Coronavirus is having a massive impact, not only on health and wellbeing, but also on politics, societies and economies. Aviation is one of the industries that has been hard hit by the pandemic as many airlines worldwide are forced to ground their aircraft, resulting in cancelled flights and staff being laid off. The virus is driving air traffic downward, thereby potentially making it more challenging for airlines to achieve their commitment of carbon neutral growth from 2020. In 2016, in order to tackle the impact of aviation on the global climate crisis, the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) adopted the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviati

Prospects for the Airfreight Industry in China

China is a major manufacturing centre in the world and has a strong export capability for a variety of products, including smartphones, computers, integrated circuits, high-end fashion products and fast fashion products. At the same time, China's imports of electrical machinery and equipment, optical equipment, technical equipment and medical equipment accounted for 24% and 4.8% of the import volume respectively. From 2015 to 2019, the market size (total revenue) of China's comprehensive air freight agency industry increased from about 46.8 billion yuan to 73.9 billion yuan. With the growth of China's manufacturing industry and the development of cross-border e-commerce, the export volume ha

The  Positive Side of COVID- 19.

The Covid-19 virus has spread over the world at an incredible pace. Countries have closed borders and locked down to protect the lives of their citizens as a priority. These measures to contain the virus have affected the global economy and the way of living we have had until this virus came up and showed its terrible consequences. It’s misery for most of us. Every human life is at risk, obliging us to keep at home and avoid social contact, taking us out of the streets, pubs, clubs, our jobs, social events, every single sport around the world. But thinking beyond our fun, regular activities, finances, professional goals, etc… the bright side of the coin is for the wild animals and the enviro

How Are Our Aviators Doing Under Lockdown?

The lockdowns and border closures for purpose of Covid-19 containment have had drastic outcomes on our industry, however instead of being negative and bored, you can choose some activities to do so you can come out of this global lockdown better than you went into it. Think of this as an expedition to the great indoors. Here are some options to help you build yourself physically and mentally. Connect to the Industry: With less connections in physical senses with aviation currently, digital connections are the right solution. Keep up to date via aviation news portal or webinars (such as Flight Global, OAG, Air Cargo News, Aerotime, etc.). It’s important to stay connected through other means,

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