Pilots’ Health and Fitness –Enhancing Safety in the Air

The ancient Greeks were the first to identify that mental and physical health were connected and that the body and mind should be in harmony. Furthermore, in recent times medical scientists have supported the relevance of this link between mind and body and emphasised the fact that physical activity can increase life satisfaction by enhancing self-esteem and body image and subsequently allowing us as human beings to develop our potential further and increase our levels of happiness. In the aviation industry in general but particularly for pilots this link is vital, as their physical and mental conditions have a direct impact on the lives of more than five million people that every day board

Gay Pilots: Flying Over the Rainbow

The image of a pilot as portrayed by the likes of Leonardo di Caprio, Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford – glamorous, brave, handsome and surrounded by pretty, swooning cabin attendants is far from reality. Pilots are just normal men and women and many of them of course are also gay. But what is life in the crew rooms and cockpits of the world like for gay pilots? Attitudes towards LGBT pilots in general have improved greatly over the last few years but the pilots themselves have endured decades of intolerance which continues in many parts of the world. David Pettet of the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) in America told us: “We do have reports still to this day of homophobic incidents, fr

Airlines’ Choice: Leasing vs. Buying

About 40% of jet aeroplanes currently flying with commercial airlines around the world are on lease (about 8,000 out of 20,000 aircraft) with a prediction to grow to 50% by the year 2020. Being airlines; capital intensive businesses which require huge up front investments for aircraft, maintenance tools and equipment, lacking any lease option would have prevented the start-up of low cost airlines which – by their own nature – have limited access to credit and funds. But is leasing always better than buying? As with many questions of this type, there can be more than one answer, depending on particulars. On the one hand, those in favour of leasing claim the following advantages for the lesse

The Legend of Boeing

On 15th July 2016, Boeing ushered in its own centenary. In the last 100 years, Boeing‘s story has become a legend by improving their product system and developing a variety of ranges to meet the diverse markets’ demand. Boeing has changed the ways people across the continents and oceans go into the sky. Today, nearly 4 million people a day take Boeing aircraft for air travel, and it makes our planet smaller. In order to celebrate 100 years of the birth of Boeing. Boeing Civil Aviation aircraft were shown together again in an event and the biggest and smallest aircraft are shown at the same time. Start of the Legend William Boeing was born in Detroit and he was a typical “rich and handsome gu

Brookfield Sponsors Air Cadet Simulator

Brookfield Aviation has a long tradition of supporting local community projects, and it is always very rewarding to see the results, such as the new simulator at our local Air Training Corps centre. We believe it is very important that the necessary skills needed to become a pilot are available to young people from all walks of life. The RAF Air Cadet 323 (Epsom & Ewell) Squadron offer an opportunity for young boys and girls to acquire both discipline and real skills to help them progress in their adult lives. As a RAF Squadron, Epsom and Ewell did not have the new technology to help these youngsters to advance their desire to become pilots. We are therefore proud to support the local RAF

China: Endless Opportunities in a Great Nation.

Over the last few years, the airline market in China has seen a significant growth. In spite of the fierce competition with rail of high speed, the market managed to increase the growth value to 7% by 2014. Such success can be attributed to short-trip flights, for which tickets have sold at up to 90% off the regular prices. Moreover, the dynamism of LCC (low-cost carriers) also has contributed to this significant growth. Traditional Airlines such as Air China, China Eastern and China Southern since their beginnings have offered continuous good service, a wide range of destinations, routes and affordable tickets that eventually have made them the first option for travellers. The three compani

Brookfield Jets - Back on Track.

Brookfield Aviation International is very proud to have supported the charity “Back on Track” as sponsor of it’s celebrity kart racing day at Sandown Park near London. Back on Track supports ex-servicemen who have suffered physical and mental injuries in conflicts around the world. It is the brainchild of Lesley Reynolds, and her husband Dr. Aamer Khan, of Harley Street Skin Clinic because they work closely with many injured soldiers they know how important it is for these boys (and girls) to build a normal life and to enjoy challenging sports such as racing. The ambassador of the charity is Mark Allen, an incredibly brave and determined young man who having suffered life changing injuries

An Attractive Market for Private Equity Investment

The aircraft finance market is a hot topic and likely to remain a well-positioned for over the coming years as there is a significant increase in orders of aircraft for both new aircraft types, and substantial demand in the emerging markets. According to the Boeing Current Market Outlook the annual airplane demand could grow up to 40 per cent over the next decade. In fact we believe potential opportunities will emerge in the aviation financing sector for investors looking to deploy large amounts of capital efficiently. In 2016, the industry forecasts funding for approximately $127 billion in new commercial aircraft deliveries, in which the capital markets and commercial banks make up for aro

Pakistan: Economic Growth Creates Aviation Industry Expansion

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” ― Heraclitus. Despite the local, regional and global tensions, the world economy has been growing at the rate of 3.4% p.a. as per 2016. It is estimated that the global economy rate of growth would increase by 0.2% in a year to reach 3.6% growth by 2017. What is less known is that many of the top ten countries contributing to the global growth might not be on our radar. According to IMF, Pakistan ranks 6th in its contribution to the global economy, contributing 1.2% towards global growth as per 2014-15. In April 2016 Pakistan’s COAS (Chief of Army Staff) dismissed 11 high ranking military officials over corruption. As establishment taking the lead

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