The Future of Aircraft Engineering

There is always talk about the shortage of pilots and the outlook of pilot shortages around the world, but what about the technician outlook? The number of new commercial airline maintenance technicians is even larger than the number of pilots needed, according to the report released by Boeing: Long-Term Market, Current Market Outlook, 2016-2035. Within the next 20 years, the airline industry will require an estimated 648,000 new maintenance technicians. This is 11,000 more than the estimated requirements for pilots over the same period. Still the focus in the media is always surrounding the scarcity of qualified pilots. Even though there is a large number of maintenance technicians required

New Chinese Airline Recruiting B-737 Pilots in Europe.

Air Changan Pilot Road Shows in Berlin and London Recent times have seen the staging of pilot road shows as a normal feature of the pilot recruitment process, and the latest participant is the new Chinese Airline, Air Changan, which is holding its shows at Berlin and London Gatwick from 27th November to 1st December, hosted by Brookfield Aviation Far East. Air Changan is a part of the massive Hainan Airlines group and operates Chinese domestic flights from Xian Xianyang International Airport in Shaanxi province. It operates a fleet of new Boeing 737-800s. These will be the airline’s first recruitment events in Europe and the places available are filling up fast. “We have booked simulator ass

Unveiling of the Concorde

‘There have been more US astronauts than BA Concorde pilots’ is written in bright red at the entrance of the new Aerospace Bristol Museum, which opened its doors to the public last month. The £19 million pound museum showcases more than a century of aviation triumphs and fascinating stories of the pioneers. Visitors are able to discover the step by step advancements of aviation from 1910 to the future of aviation. However, sitting at the centre of the stage is the Alpha Foxtrot - last Concorde that ever flew, set in its own custom hangar, looking still incredibly futuristic, where visitors can explore this supersonic jet and learn what it was like to fly at twice the speed of sound! The Alph

Helping Monarch Employees in their Hour of Need

The demise of Monarch Airlines, one of the oldest establish airlines in the UK was a cause of great sadness and concern for passengers, staff and everybody who had been associated with the airline in its 50 year history. Estimated losses of £100 million GBP for 2018 were too much to bear. Thousands of passengers were repatriated under the CAA’s emergency rescue scheme and job losses were around 1,900 – pilots, cabin crew, management, customer services, ground operations, IT, accounting, and from every department in the company. Brookfield Aviation’s long relationship with Monarch dates back to 1994 when some of the airline’s Airbus 300-600 pilots were seconded to one of our contracts in Arge

Legends of Aviation #4: Lyndon Gardiner.

The last quarter of a century has seen the establishment and rapid expansion of many airlines around the world. The main international media focus tends to be on the massive growth of certain low cost airlines in Europe and the developing world, which are ordering jets by the dozen. But an equally impressive story is found in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands, where the principal airline in the region, Inter Caribbean Airlines, has been operating since 1991. The company was started by its present chairman, Lyndon Gardiner, who, whilst working for a local bank, took a loan from his employer to purchase an aircraft in order to visit his girlfriend at weekends. He later started an inform

Beautiful Kazakhstani Women Exposed. Right or wrong… who knows?

Last night I was discussing with my girlfriend, an article in the Daily Mail entitled: “Bizarre advert for a travel site using NAKED models posing as flight attendants is branded 'disgusting' and offensive to women”. The advert featured a Kazakhstani travel agency called Choco Travel showing 7 beautiful models to advertise their website. I asked her to translate what they were the models were saying because for me it was pretty unusual that all the models were naked. Apparently, the ad only talks about the benefits that the company offers (they don’t charge commission, and give a bonus for new customers). When my girlfriend was looking at it, she didn’t mind that the advert was displaying na

Big Incidents and the Decline of the Airbus-380

The double-deck Airbus A380 is the largest commercial aircraft flying today, with two interior levels, a wide body and four engines. The A380 is a modern icon that has flown over 500,000 revenue flights carrying over 190 million passengers. This includes more than 300 commercial flights per day, which take off or land around the world every two minutes according to Airbus’s report. Hence, no doubt to say that flying with the A380 is the passenger’s favourite as the world’s most comfortable, smooth and quiet aircraft, from the first class to economy. However, recent incidents involving in the A380 superjumbo have raised considerable concern to its once-glittering future. An Air France Airbus

Zero-Gravity Flights and the Space Age

Over the last 17 years the curiosity for space travel and colonizing other planets has grown substantially. Even private companies are taking the lead and raising millions of dollars to finance their experiments and go beyond of what government owned agencies like NASA from the US, RFSA from Russia (the agency controlled much of the aeronautical technology and space travel before 2000) and CNSA from China have done over the last 80 years in the aeronautics industry. Companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have been able to perform much better and developed cutting-edge technology (at a low-cost which is a competitive advantage for these firms). However, until either government

Dialogue with Dr. Zheng Lei, a Research Scholar in British Air Tourism

Dr Zheng Lei 与驻英航空旅游业研究学者雷铮老师对话 Biography: Director, Centre for Aviation Research, University of Surrey; MSc, PhD 个人简历: 英国萨里大学航空研究中心主任; 理科硕士,博士 Dr Zheng Lei is the Director of Centre for Aviation Research at the University of Surrey, and Visiting Professor to Civil Aviation University of China, and President of the Institute for Aviation Research, an Independent think tank. Prior to joining Surrey in July 2014, he worked as an Aviation Lecturer in the Department of Air Transport at Cranfield University from 2006 to 2014, where he was responsible for Cranfield’s renowned Executive MSc in Air Transport Management programme. 雷铮老师是英国萨里大学航空研究中心主任、中国民航大学客座教授、独立智库航空研究所所长。担任萨里大学航空研究中心主任之前,雷铮老师在2006年

Do airlines make more money out of loyalty schemes than selling seats?

Your loyalty may be worth much more than your ticket or bag fee – it is a more stable source of income and profitable source of income thanks to lower investment and operating costs. The airline industry is well known for its low profit margins and constant financial crises, hence the saying: “the airline industry, in its history, has never made money”. The truth of this statement is to be tested by a product airlines have been able to spin off their core operations: air mile loyalty schemes. For those of you with an airline-branded credit card in your wallets, your daily spending habits play a crucial role in keeping big airlines’ pockets nice and full. Joseph DeNardi, a senior airline anal

The Disadvantages of “Low-Cost” in Europe are Revealed

In recent years, budget airlines have developed rapidly due to the obvious price advantages. The traditional airlines have been shunted successfully, and the low-cost airlines have gained an increasingly important position in European civil aviation. Low-cost airlines are different to the traditional airlines who offer cheap flight tickets and usually operates short-haul routes. In order to generate additional revenue, the airlines charge extra money for the food and drinks provided during the flight. In addition, they also offer services such as speed boarding and seat selection prior to boarding of the flight, which is also chargeable. The main reason for European budget airlines to imple

World's Top Stunt Pilots: What Do They Think About Flying?

In the 2017 Sichuan International Aerospace Exhibition, The Spain Double Arrows Aerobatic Team won the hearts of mass audiences with their superb flying skills and stunning aerobatics. Uncle and nephew Ramón Alonso and Jorge Macías Alonso were the stars of the show. What do they think about China's aviation development? From left to right: Jorge Macias and Ramon Alonso Jorge Macias Q: Hello! This time you came to China and came to Deyang of Sichuan. What's your impression of this place? Do you like it? A: Yes, I feel very good. I like Deyang very much. It feels very comfortable here. Every morning I run around the river. Q: What do you think about participating in the 2017 Sichuan Internatio

More Airlines Launched Globally in 2017

With cheaper flights, low fuel prices and stronger economic growth, global demand for air travel is surging tremendously in 2017. Every 3.5 days, a new airline is announced - according to Airline Network News and Analysis, especially in 2017, during which the world so far has 79 new start-up airlines that launched flights and 19 new operators originating life. Asia having rapid growth in the commercial aviation sector in recent decades, witnessed the announcement of 12 new airlines in 2017. Possessing the same number of 5 new airlines launched in UK, China has delivered the most new airlines in 2017, followed by India with 3 new operators announced. The most developing countries in South Eas

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