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Why Choose Us

Established in 1993

Our track record for fast response and delivery of specialist skills at very short notice is second to none and our services are utilised world-wide by airlines, aircraft leasing companies, training and maintenance organisations. 

Large Financial Resource

Our past has seen phenomenal growth and our future looks brighter as each year passes by. We continually move further out into the world, and the better known we become, the more client airlines have the desire to utilise our services.

50,000+ Pilots & Engineers

We provide at short notice a wide range of qualified and experienced aviation personnel. This also allows clients to take up opportunities relating to unscheduled workloads and demands for additional staff during peak season operations.

Flexible Contracts

Brookfield Aviation have designed comprehensive list of contracts that could benefit the constantly changing market environment in the aviation industry.

Expert in Aviation

From metal sheet workers to B1/B2 engineers, from cadets to instructors, from recruitment to aircraft sales and leasing, we cover all aspects of the aviation sector. We are your best partner. 

Worldwide Presence

Brookfield have international representatives for clients and candidates in China, Vietnam, Japan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Colombia and the United Kingdom. 

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Different Recruitment Strategies

We have extensive experience, not only in headhunting, online recruitment strategies, but also we have organised several open days, roadshows and airline presentations across the world.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our staff have specialised in various sectors of the aviation industry. You can count on dedicated team to support your recruitment and any other logistic needs 24/7 all year-round. 

Multi-lingual Staff

Our team comes from different backgrounds who can communicate with you in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic. 

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