Our Team

David George

CEO and Marketing Director

Paul Osorio

Senior Business Development Manager

Siya Sun 

V.P. Asia Pacific Region

Todd Skaggs

V.P. Strategic Partnerships

Katherin Rodriguez

Head of Administration

Jose Rojas 

Project Manager

Carlos Guerrero 

Regional Client Support 

Zakaria Patel

Business Development

Dea Hamiti

Business Analyst

Quan Nguyen

Business Development Specialist

Andrés Lindarte

V.P. Commercial Affairs

Elaine He 

International Business Manager

Eneida Poveda

International Project Manager

Anna Tran 

Business Development & Financial Manager

Ly Tran 

Business and Strategy Manager

Jacob Ren

Project Manager, China 

Fei Xu

Project Manager, China 

Michie Hamaya

Project Manager, Japan

Yuliana Dominguez

Regional Client Support

Lindsey Boland

Business Manager

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