Take Off for “The British Aviation Experience”

A diverse group of youngsters from as far away as Hong Kong and Argentina arrived in London on 22nd July for a very busy and action packed two weeks, to find out just what a career in professional aviation would really be like. The British Aviation Experience is a programme for teenagers from around the world to experience many aspects of the aviation industry, such as flying light aircraft, full motion 747 simulator, emergency training, lectures by pilots, engineers and other industry professionals and a tour of a MRO facility. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of the students told us that the course had strengthened their resolve to pursue a career in aviation: “My first flying h

Asia Pacific: The World's Strongest Aviation Market

Despite considerable challenges in many parts of the world, Asia Pacific will continue to lead global economic growth with an average forecast GDP of 3.9% annually over the next 20 years. Hence, the region’s share of global GDP is predicted to rise from 33% to 40% by 2036, as forecast by Boeing. Regional airlines are expected to post a 7.4 billion USD net profit in 2017 and play a critically important role in the ongoing development of worldwide aviation, driven by the robust economic growth of China, India, and Southeast Asia markets. Bright Outlook Aviation Market In July 2017 Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) reported the region’s airlines carry 1,214 million passengers and 20

The Mysterious Vanishing of Amelia

A picture and an archaeological excavation could answer some questions of her disappearance She captivated the world and then she made it cry. Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas, on July 24, 1897. From a very early age she was captivated by the world of aviation, a world that was only owned and controlled by men. In 1920, she attended an air show in Long Beach, California. She took a short plane ride, 10 minutes that changed her life forever. In 1928 Amelia became the first female who was part of a crew who crossed the Atlantic. She wanted to do it in the right seat, but she couldn’t due to “gender restrictions” at the time. She took the chance on the same adventure on her own

Brookfield Sponsors Young Aviators

Flying Experiences for Amputee and Disabled Children Brookfield Aviation are very proud to support The Douglas Bader Foundation, which helps and supports both children and adults who are affected by any form of limb loss, congenital or otherwise or who are affected by any other similar disability, so it was a special privilege to be invited to the “Bader Braves” flying day at White Waltham in July. David George and Paul Osorio from Brookfield, with pilot and some of the participating children. Bader Braves supports children with limb loss and other physical disabilities by offering unique experiences and improving life-skills to increase confidence. The Young Aviator Flying Days give these

Passengers Drones Roaming in Dubai – A Step Closer to the Future

From cars to planes to even our smart phones, they are technologies that the past generations would only dare to imagine. For them, we are living in their future. Flying cars have been part of many of our imaginations and themes of fantasy movies; now we are one step closer to our visions. Beijing Yi-Hang Creation Science and Technology Corporation created the autonomous passenger drone, the Ehang 184, which they described as the ‘safest, smartest and most Eco-friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle.’ Ehang 184 was first shown last year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, since the first appearance, it is rumoured to have been improved to carry more weight and able to fly

Who is the “Dignity” of the China Aviation Acquisition Industry?

With the Asia-Pacific to China and India-based new economic development, there is now more air traffic on the US-Asian Pacific routes than on the Atlantic routes between Europe and the United States. On July 27, 2015, China Eastern, announced that they have signed a conditional share purchase agreement with Delta Airways. Delta has invested US $ 450 million to purchase H shares of China Eastern listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and now holds 10% of H shares and 3.55% of the total shareholding,. In addition to the Eastern Group and its affiliated companies, it became the largest external shareholder. In accordance with the agreement reached, Delta gained access to the China Eastern boar

Brookfield Aviation: Fostering International Human Talent

We all have those passions and talents that we would love to employ in our lives or as part of our jobs to feel ourselves useful for society and to make our lives more meaningful. One of Brookfield’s organisational core values is to guarantee that staff not only grow within the aviation industry as specialised recruiters and managers but also to support and foster talents and passions that are important for the personal and professional development of all team members. The company strives to employ not only professional practitioners at Masters degree level from recognised universities in the UK, but more importantly, to attract individuals that are driven, proactive and eager to achieve goa

Victims of Global Warming or Culprits?

The world is getting hotter. Earlier this year Shanghai’s highest temperature reached a record high 41 degrees, while in Hongqiao and Pudong Airports, the surface temperature approached 70 degrees. It is like this in the most part of Europe, and rising temperatures will make more trouble for our airlines. A study by Columbia University researchers showed that the temperature rise caused by global warming may make it more difficult for aircraft to take off and land. It is predicted that by 2050, in the highest temperature of the day, 30% of flights globally will not complete take off with maximum weight. Higher temperature will lead to lower air density, and the principle of aircraft take-off

The Magnificent Doncaster Air Races.

Doncaster is a modest size industrial settlement in the north of England, known outside the locality mainly for its racecourse and a lower-league football team. But 108 years ago, the eyes of the world were focussed on the town, when the first ever air races held in Britain took place. With £5,000 sponsorship from Doncaster Town Council and the organising expertise of Frantz Reichel, the sporting editor of the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, prizes for the event included the Doncaster Cup for the pilot flying the longest total distance, the Great Northern Railway Cup for the greatest distance flown, the Doncaster Tradesmen Cup for the longest time in the air, the Chairman’s cup for the highes

Demand Growing Rapidly for Aircraft Engineers

Aircraft are highly specialized pieces of equipment. The passengers and crew depend entirely on the reliability of all aircraft parts and equipment so the engineer jobs do not only demand training, but also logical thinking and acceptance of responsibility. Job Outlook The increase in the number of jetliners taken delivery by airlines, the profits in the airline industry and the growth of the new generation of aircraft has resulted in a shortage of aircraft maintenance personnel. Situations like this create opportunities and increase wages for engineers and maintenance technicians. The aerospace giant Boeing forecasts between 2016 and 2035, the aviation industry will need to supply more than

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