Location, Location, Re-location

Technology is playing a major role in shaping the way the aviation industry is tracking aircraft. This year we see the advancement in the testing of a remote digital air traffic control centre to replace the traditional air traffic control tower, which will be moved offsite away from the airport. We are also seeing satellite tracking systems that can transmit live data on aircraft, even in very remote locations and over deep water, with Malaysia Airlines being the first airline to use such a system. Will the new satellite system that Malaysia Airlines has signed up for solve the problem of losing aircraft mid-flight? This service is provided by US-based Aireon, FlightAware and SITAONAIR as a

Legends of Aviation: #3. Otto Lilienthal

Otto Lilienthal after whom is named Berlin's busiest airport - Berlin Tegel "Otto Lilienthal" Airport, is the most significant aeronautical pioneer. Of all the men who attacked the flying problem in the 19th century, Wilbur Wright stated that Otto Lilienthal was the most important. Hundreds of years before Otto’s glides, many people such as Cayley, Spencer, Wenham, Mouillard, etc. made feeble attempts at gliding, however, their failures were so complete that nothing of value resulted. Lilienthal began to conduct studies of the forces operating on wings in a stream of air in the late 1870s. Having explored the physical principles governing winged flight, Lilienthal began to design and build g

Electric flight: is it going to Save Our Planet?

For the last 150 years, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen an average of 35-40% on account of the 3 billion passengers that are sent into the air every year with an astronomic release of around 500 million tons of carbon dioxide. In other words, every time a single person flies from London to New York return, they generate approximately the same gas emissions needed to heat a residential home for a year. According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the situation is critical as these emissions will triple in volume by 2050. Although some governments recognise the dangers and effects this may bring to our environment and climate change and despite some carbon-trading p

Pilots have their say on working in China

Getting a well-paid job is a goal for very many people, and there are not many jobs as well remunerated as that of an airline captain in China. Brookfield has supplied the best and largest Chinese airlines with pilots for more than ten years. Pilots wishing to work there need to be prepared for a long and thorough selection process, however for those who are successful, the rewards, both professionally and financially are substantial. We recently conducted a survey, the results of which are published below, together with answers to questions put to us by various pilots. Any pilot wishing to work in China, please click here: siya@brookfieldav.com Survey Pilots job in China 394 Participants

AI… How far are we from the future?

Since "speech recognition" technology was introduced by Apple to their devices in 2008, the ultimate aim for all the tech giants, developers, designers and engineers has been to create intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Aviation industry has been one of the pioneers of AI. The first grasp of this technology was introduced by Lawrence Sperry at the beginning of the 1st world war in 1914, the "Auto Pilot". It permitted the aircraft to fly straight and level on a compass course without a pilot's attention. Since then, most of the technology has been created to control the aircraft rather than to make "real life" decisions... until now. Think of "AI" as a child learning how to inte

Flight Attendant Uniforms & Exceptional Cases

The profession of flight attendants is very challenging and demanding, but at the same time, it is also glamorous. Their appearance is one of the first things noticed by customers and it leaves a lasting impression. No doubt to say, flight attendants are the face of the airline they represent, and their uniform is the representation of the airline brand in every interaction and experience with customers. Airlines have a long history of employing designers to create their staff uniforms, which strictly meet the aviation regulations, but also have yielded glamour, style and sophistication. One of the longest serving uniforms in the skies, Singapore Airlines’ world-famous “Singapore Girl” desi

Flight Overbooking: Is it time to stop?

It may seem logical that if you manage to buy a ticket for a sporting event or theatre, that you should expect be able to attend. That if you have bought a car or a garment and paid for it, you should expect delivery or be able to collect your goods. But what if on the day of the event, or collection, you were told that your tickets, or vehicle or coat had been sold to somebody else. Furthermore that this wasn’t an accident, but ‘company policy’. Most of us would be outraged and complain bitterly, maybe threaten to call the police or a lawyer. So why do we accept the practice of overbooking on airlines? Most airlines sell more seats than they have on their aircraft, gambling that a number o

Lower Back Pain: A Curse for the Professional Pilot

Most occupations come with their own occupational health issues. Voice strain for the teachers and public speakers, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) (pain and numbness in the fingers) for the IT programmers, deafness for factory workers, just to name a few. Does a pass from the biannual medical examination mean that there are zero health issues for pilots? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Low back pain (LBP) for example is one of the issues that troubles many pilots. Low back pain is a symptom of pain, soreness or stiffness felt in the back, but it can also extend to upper legs, shoulder and neck. Many people from other walks of life also experience low back pain, but for the pilots, it really d

C919 - “Made in China” Faces Challenges

Although the news of C919’s maiden flight has been published for a while, people still have a lot of discussion about it. As scheduled, the second C919 aircraft will launch its maiden flight in the second half 2017. This flight is only the first step to commercial operations. From maiden flight to trial flight to airworthiness flying, there is still a long way to go. There will be a number of challenges ahead for business success. After the C919’s launch, many people wondered if C919 is “made in China” or just “assembled in China”. Does C919 consist of just some advanced components from abroad to assemble, in which case it is really hard to say how much progress and technological achievemen

Airport with no Passengers

Over the last year the demand for aircraft storage facilities has increased dramatically. As the industry continues growing the demand for facilities becomes more important. The two giant aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus have predicted that the industry will continue growing at the rate of 4.5% (Airbus) and 4.8% (Boeing) for global commercial passenger air traffic from 2016 to 2035, which would mean the introduction of roughly 30,000 new commercial aircraft. These figures outline the importance of these facilities around the world. However, not all the places are adequate for these purposes since the conservation of the aircraft is imperative. Hence, airlines look for arid, desert an

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