The Best Ever Time to be an Aviation Maintenance Engineer

The Boeing Commercial Market Outlook 2019-2038 suggested that the air travel market is projected to double up its size over the next 20 years, increasing the demand of pilots, maintenance technicians and cabin crew like never before in history.As far as it concerns to the area of maintenance, it seems the industry will not have sufficient talents to meet this demand. Just in the United States it is predicted a gap between the demand of engineers and its supply of 9% by 2027 (see figure 1). Figure 1. Forecasted demand of AMMTEs for the next ten years in US Reducing this gap will require a lot of work, considering the speed of leaving the industry is faster than the speed of getting into it. I

British Aviation Experience: Inspiring the Next Generation

With the British Aviation Experience going into its fourth year, it has been a great success story for students wanting a career in aviation. The majority of past students who have left school, in some way or another have entered into the industry. This includes both pilot training and engineer training, with many going on to higher education with a focus on a specific discipline within the industry. On the summer course, students will experience many aspects of the life of an airline professional, pilot or aircraft engineer. This will include flying lessons on light aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic lessons, Boeing full-motion 747 simulator, air law, aviation communications, aircraft maint

2020 Airline Industry Outlook

Generally speaking, last year was a year of slowing passenger growth and declining cargo traffic volumes. The airline industry has been faced with a number of externalities. Slowing global economic, regional and international trade wars, geopolitical tensions and social unrest, not to mention uncertainty over Brexit all came together to make a more difficult than forecasted business environment for airline operators. As a result, many airlines have been forced to go out of business, putting jobs in jeopardy including pilots and airline staff. The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, the rise of flight boycotting movements and a series of airline bankruptcies all combined to remind us how vulner

The 7 Continents Challenge: Promoting STEM Learning

Aviation is lucky enough to cover all of the four STEM topics; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics under one sector, so why is the UK falling behind other countries with 8 out of 10 STEM businesses (89%) finding it difficult to hire staff with the relevant skills? According to a recent aviation industry survey regarding STEM careers, the world as it currently stands will require 790,000 new civil aviation pilots, 754,000 new maintenance technicians, and 890,000 new cabin crew to fly and maintain the world’s aircraft fleet over the next 20 years - an astonishing figure. So why is there such a deficit? The national problem with STEM recruitment in the UK is compounded by a lack o

Have Pilots Forgotten How to Fly?

Aircraft are crashing because pilots have either forgotten how to fly or never learnt in the first place, according to the US aviation regulator. Over-reliance on automation has eroded basic skills and created a dangerous dependency on computer systems, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said. “When automation ceases to work properly, pilots who do not have sufficient experience of manual control and proper training may be hesitant or not have enough skills to take control of the aircraft,” the FAA said in a report to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (The TIMES – 8th October 2019) Chilling isn’t it? But pilots in recent years have never had the chance to learn to fly

New Brookfield Alliance Promotes A-320 Pilots

In Colombia, as in other South American countries, most Cadets who have experience in small jets or turboprops, or who are type rated with low hours on A320 and Embraer 190 for example, are finding it very difficult to obtain a foreign opportunity without reaching the 1500 total hours as a general requirement and also with only a CPL. Eneida Poveda from Brookfield provides expert advice to Colombian pilots via remote video link The full ATPL licence for many of them is almost impossible to obtain without working for an airline, but Brookfield Aviation’s latest collaborator, GTA America, since their opening in Bogota, are helping all these pilots deal with the Colombian Civil Aviation Author

Exoskeletons: A Promise to Revolutionise Aviation

Since we were children, we have ​all dreamed about ​being superhumans ​or having superpowers such as flying, having super strength, ​teleportation or travelling back and forward in time. Well, ​it is now 2020 and this new decade promises to be a great time for technological advances particularly in the fields of strength and endurance, and​ as expected​, the aviation industry is ​developing research and resources to enhance these new technologies into numerous processes, making jobs safer and easier for ​employees. Before we go into aviation matters, ​one relevant form of new technology is an exoskeleton​, also known as power armour or powered suit. ​This is a wearable machine driven by a co

Time to consider working in Japan?

Spring Airlines in Japan is a growing low-cost carrier serving the Japanese and regional Asian market, operating a fleet of B-737-800 aircraft. An expanding route network and new aircraft arriving have resulted in some fabulous opportunities for captains to join the airline, initially on a long-term basis. Let’s find out why you should choose to work in Japan. If you are interested in this opportunity after reading this article, just click the link below to find the information and apply: Life Life in Narita, Japan is cozy and comfortable. People here are very civilized and warm-hearted. You could always ask a stranger for help if you lost your way

The New Battlefield for Airlines

Research a flight, book a ticket, board a plane, try and fail to sleep and land; the basic aspects of flying for most people have not changed since the advent of aviation. However, in 2020 a revolution in innovation for airlines is awaiting. Key joint ventures and strategic alliances of capital groups are focused on the evolution of the airline industry. For instance, Air France and KLM with its Big Blank project; a studio that will explore the industry to identify tech-centric growth opportunities for a network of five airlines in Europe. Furthermore, IAG, the parent organisation of BA, Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus is sponsoring Hangar 51, a 10-week global travel accelerator where disrupt

Say “Yes” to Child Free Zones

Nowadays, parents like to take their kids travelling domestically and abroad for a holiday, but if babies and grown ups can spend the whole voyage in comfort that would be much better. The fear is that they may cry and cause dissatisfaction among other passengers. In recent years, some airlines set up child-free zones on their aircraft, like India's low-cost airline Indigo, Air Asia X, Malaysia Airlines and Scoot Airline. The passengers can pay extra money for an area which does not have children around. A survey conducted in 2017 by Airfare watchdog asked whether children should sit in separate zones. It found that over half of people thought that families who had children aged under 10 yea

Not current? We still have a job for you.

In this very vibrant market, even for pilots who have lost currency, it can also be variable. There are 2 different understandings regarding currency (recency): Pilots who have not flown for more than 3 months on type (number of months with flight disruption can be diversified); the airline requires pilots to do three, or up to eight take-offs and landings on simulator of that type to be qualified for airline’s operations.a Or at the recruitment process, the airline needs pilot to do the recurrent (or type rating renewal) if he/she has not flown on type for more than 6 or 12 months depending on each airline and regulation of airline’s national civil aviation authority With the second case, i

Living And Working In Paradise

There is something magical when you approach a small island after a long day flying. Imagine spending the whole day in the cockpit wearing your uniform, then what can be the best therapy to end the day? Probably a barefoot walk in one of 1,192 islands in the Maldives, enjoying the sunset and the crystal, turquoise water that surrounds the islands. DEAR PILOTS: It is simple, you can have this amazing excperience in your life by deciding to work and live in the Maldives. Are you struggling to take that decision? I will try to make it easier for you by mentioning numerous reasons why is worth it: Breathtaking views Maldives is truly beautiful. You can find yourself waking up with an amazing an

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