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Investment Opportunity in TransVerde Airlines

TransVerde Airlines, a subsidiary of the TransVerde Group, appears as Cabo Verde's ray of hope for connectivity and accessibility. The airline was founded by seasoned specialists in business management and aviation, and its initial goal is to bridge the islands of Santiago, Sal, and São Vicente. In the future, the airline hopes to expand to include all of Cabo Verde and other West African countries.

Cabo Verde is a strategically important location that is situated in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, 450 km off the African West Coast. It is a gateway between Africa, Europe, and America. The country's ten islands, which are distinguished by a variety of sceneries ranging from hilly terrains to immaculate beaches, offer a mesmerising blend of nature and urbanity and are less than four hours flying time from Europe and America.

Cabo Verde's allure extends beyond its natural beauty, embracing a rich cultural heritage showcased through vibrant music, local festivities, and a unique sense of authenticity. Whether as a singular destination or a mosaic of experiences catering to varied tourist interests, Cabo Verde stands as a promising investment hub in the tourism sector, recognised for its business-friendly environment and economic potential.

Key data highlights the country's demographic and geographical profile, with a population of 593,149 spread across an area of 4,033 km². The tropical dry climate, characterised by average temperatures of 25ºC and sea temperatures of 22ºC, fosters two distinct seasons – a dry period prevailing most of the year and a rainy season from August to October.

Operating within a multiparty democratic framework, Cabo Verde upholds political stability and fosters a conducive environment for business growth. Portuguese and Creole serve as the official languages, and English and French are also widely used. The local currency, Escudos Caboverdianos (CVE), maintains a fixed parity with the Euro, facilitating international transactions.

As TransVerde Airlines takes flight, it not only envisions seamless connectivity but also heralds a new era of accessibility and economic prosperity for Cabo Verde and beyond. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, the airline pledges to serve as the conduit for travellers seeking to explore the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture of this island paradise.

To explore the opportunity more, contact Brookfield's business expert, Felipe Cabezas.


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