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The Latest Aviation Training Solution

B-Learning combines the best of face-to-face education with the renowned benefits of e-Learning

Our world-class tailor-made training solution, developed by industry experts, commercial pilots and top-class graphic designers; will bring to your organisation the best of 30 years experience in the aviation industry, empowered by the B-Learning methodologies. 

For Airlines

- Aircraft Systems (All Commercial Types)

- Regulations and Navigation


- Ground Schools

- Ab-Initio

- Re-currencies and upgrades

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  • Worldwide implementation

  • 100% bespoke training modules as per organisation’s SOPs, policies and languages

  • NO subscription or licence required 

  • UNLIMITED users allowed

  • Property Rights are yours

  • Superb design quality with immersive multimedia

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For MROs-Part 145/147

- Type Trainings 

- Aviation Legislation

- Mandatory Continuation Training

- Inspection Technics 

- Other disciplines 

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Our Added Value

  • Increased effectiveness of training time

  • Reduced training costs

  • Safety Index and Human Factor centric

  • Multilingual staff

  • 24/7 support  

  • 7 offices worldwide

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