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Our International Healthcare Plan

We’ve had a long running successful international medical insurance programme for our contractors. Now, we can offer preferential rates for pilots, engineers, airlines and businesses in the aviation community.



  • Covid-19 covered, worldwide. 

  • Worldwide Coverage 24/7/365 including up to 30 days in USA .

  • Cover for family members.

  • All pre-existing conditions are covered.

  • No medical declaration needed. 

  • Confidential professional support service included.

  • Full hospitalisation.

  • Out-patient coverage up to US$ 3,500* per year (quoted in GBP). 

  • Medical Evacuation.

  • Access to the best private medical providers worldwide.

  • Digital access so you, or your employees can manage their plan completely online.

  • Access to remote telemedicine consultations in certain territories, so you can get the treatment you need without visiting a clinic.

  • Eligible claims processed within 5 working days.

Our Partners

Now health pic1.png

The Now Health International Group provides best-in-class international health insurance to more than 125,000 members across  200+ territories worldwide. Member servicing from Now Health is regarded in the industry, and in our experience, as very strong, with members serviced via their in-house 24-hour service teams headquartered between Dubai and the UK, resulting in strong member satisfaction statistics. A team of experts who respect you and your employees time.

Health group engage.png

Engage Health Group are independent experts in international employee benefits and health insurance.

Our dedicated international division, Engage International, has over 12 years of expertise working with businesses to review, source and manage their international employee benefits and international health insurance requirements.

Aircraft Insurance

Our partners specialised on any type of aeronautical risks starting with aircraft operations (from turboprops to wide body airliners, as well as helicopter operations), used for regular, governmental, offshore, firefighting, Medevac, VIP transportation, cargo operations, and charter flight, among others.

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