Become an "Export Pilot"

While the world struggles in unknowns related to international job opportunities, an interesting phenomenon emerges in the aerospace industry. The recent situation of many aviation professionals in Latin America, with resumes charged with years of experience and important achievements envisioned a grey future for them. From left to right: Esteban Tieck and Jhon Probst – A320 pilots going to Kazakhstan However, those who trusted their knowledge, their experience and their own willing to take a step forward in their careers, decided to look for new horizons outside the national circle, expanding their individual “Runway Visual Range” to find possibilities for them and their families, sometimes

Will Bitcoin Reign or Surrender?

The digital cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Ripple XRP) which are independent of central banks, authorities and countries have become in 2018 one of the most debatable economic topics worldwide. Their creation goes back to 2009 with Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency and the most controversial nowadays not only for its rapid and incomparable trade value that has reached $19,850.00 in Dec 2017 from its initial value of $0.10 per unit but also for the uncertainty generated on account of its spectacular and drastic fluctuations, nurturing serious concerns about its future success or a claimed sudden failure due to a ‘’Financial Bubble about to Burst’’. Within the Avi

Women Still Believe Flying is " A Job for Men"

"A woman has a better chance of becoming a world heavyweight boxing champion than a head pilot at Deutsche Lufthansa", a quote by Alfred Vermaaten in the 60s, the former head of the Lufthansa’s pilot training school. Female aviators were seen flying in the military, but it was much longer until they were taking charge in commercial cockpits. However, proving Alfred Vermaaten wrong, in 1988, Lufthansa’s first female pilot emerged and went on to become the German flag carrier's first female captain in the year 2000. In the movie industry, it is always the masculine male who are flying planes. This gives young women a particular perspective of aviation, with the lack of female role models. Thus

New Technology Revolutionising the Aviation Industry

Over the last year we have seen impressive advances regarding technology and every time it is more embedded in our daily routines. As we go into 2018 the future of technology appears more thrilling’ however, perturbing for some because technology advances faster than other industries or we can keep up. At Brookfield we are passionate about the aviation industry and all related to it and we think that these new trends are worth analysing. One of the latest developments of technology has been Virtual Reality (VR), but its acceptation has been slow (at least for those of my age) and its application to other areas apart from video games is still under development. However, on the other hand Augm

Legends of Aviation # 5: Douglas Bader

Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader was probably the most famous of all British fighter pilots of the Second World War. He was not only a hero of the British but also gained enormous respect of his German foes, who imprisoned him during the last four years of the war. Douglas was commissioned as an officer in the Royal Air Force in 1930 but after only 18 months he crashed his aeroplane and became a double amputee when he crashed his plane in 1931. As a consequence of the accident Douglas was discharged from the RAF, against his will on medical grounds. War came in 1939 and the RAF had a big shortage of pilots. So Douglas was accepted again as a pilot. He scored his first victories over Dunkirk

China Aviation Ushered-in the Era of Air WiFi

It is a plea heard by passengers at the beginning of thousands of flights around the world each day. “Please set your portable electronic devices, including any mobile phones, to flight mode.” Most people do it, even if they're not 100% sure why. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as the first organization, restricts cell phone usage on aircraft to prevent disruption to cellular towers on the ground. In 1993, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to prevent the potential interference of cell phone signals on the plane, expressly banned the use of mobile phones on the plane. Subsequently, countries all over the world banned the use of mobile phones on planes. All Chine

Aviation Outlook: Growth Continues Strongly in 2018

2017 was, arguably, the best year ever experienced for airline profitability and traffic growth. This creates a favorable momentum heading into 2018. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s research, the aviation industry is forecast to have the fourth consecutive year of sustainable profits with strong growth continuing in 2018 and the expected net profit rising to $38.4 billion (+11% on $34.5 billion in 2017) despite the challenges of increasing of fuel, labour and infrastructure expenses. Strong demand in air transport People are travelling across the world more than ever. The report shows that passenger numbers are expected to grow impressively to 4.3 billion in

The British Aviation Experience 2018: Only a Few Places Left!

Following the success of 2017, The British Aviation Experience is in its second year and we are expecting it to be a very exciting time for young kids that want to explore what it is like to work in the aviation industry. Last year, students from all over the globe met pilots, engineers and other aviation professionals, where these industry experts were able to answer questions and ultimately inspire the group. Brookfield expects that many of the students will follow their dream of being a pilot or engineer. With the knowledge and experience of many industry experts, the British Aviation Experience will help encourage and excite the youth into chasing their dream of an aviation career. Stud

SF Airlines Tries Its Best to Be the Best

As a member of S.F. Group, SF Airlines engages in providing air cargo service for S.F. shipments, which is key assurance of the core competence of S.F. express business as well as the powerful extension of the S.F. brand. SF Airlines purchased its first aircraft, a Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft, from China Southern Airlines and converted it into a full cargo aircraft with a capacity of more than 20 tons. " “Cargo Airlines do not require the introduction of new aircraft, as they generally use the ones converted from old aircraft. Those converted freighters have a capacity of more than 20 tons, which is very economical” according to insiders. SF Airlines currently owns a cargo aircraft fle

"Pilot Shortage" -What Can We Do?

Over the past 10 years, with the rapid development of the internet information technology revolution, the development of the world economy has been characterized by regionalization and globalization. Meanwhile, soaring oil prices, terrorist attacks and economic slump have intensified competition among all the airlines. The aviation industry has had to seek development in times of hardship. The shortage of pilots has become more insistent, which has seriously stunted the expansion of the aviation industry. The latest report of the International Air Transport Association shows that in the past year, four billion people chose to take a plane for travelling worldwide. The demand for the year end

Fuel Dumping: The Facts Explained

Panic on board flight UA1175 from San Francisco to Hawaii ensued after a load bang was heard roughly 35 minutes before the Boeing-777 was scheduled to land in Honolulu. The reason: Engine #2 was falling apart, with distressed passengers taking photos and videos of an exposed and shaking engine as the “engine cowling” broke away in mid-flight. Despite the commotion, one Google engineer – Erik Haddad, apparently remained composed throughout the incident, posting a series of pictures on social media and quipping: “I don’t see anything about this in the manual.” The pilots immediately sent out a distress call to request an emergency landing. Aside from a broken engine, the pilots had another pro

Striking Potentiality and Demand for ATR Aircraft Leading to the Need for Pilots

ATR have announced that the demand for new ATR aircraft from now until 2037 is expected to reach 750 units as the result of the expansion of 600 new routes in the Asia region (excluding China). In addition, ATR estimates that regional traffic demand in emerging countries should grow eight times faster than in more mature economies. An airline can produce a 15% yield benefit by offering direct services between secondary cities, while providing affordable transportation by using the right sized aircraft such as ATR. 630 units of ATR 72 will be required due to it being the most efficient aircraft for many regional routes, while the demand for the ATR 42, accommodating up to 50 passengers, coul

Spring Airlines: A Successful Domestic Low-Cost Airline

Spring Airlines is the first low-cost airline operated by Chinese privately owned capital, and also the first budget airline started by a travel agency. Being the only survivor of China's first-batch of private airlines, Spring Airlines profited more than 8 billion yuan in 2016, making it one of the most successful domestic low-cost airlines. Headquartered in Shanghai, Spring Airlines have bases located in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport and Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport. Until the end of first half of 2017, Spring Airlines has increased its fleet of A320s to more t

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