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World’s Best Airlines Criteria

There are several factors that contribute to good airline service, both on and off the plane, including not just how swiftly it can get you from the departure to the destination, on time and on budget, but also how it handles customers from the moment they purchase their tickets.

At a time when consumer satisfaction with airlines is declining year after year, according to Bloomberg, it's essential to understand what particular airlines do well and, more importantly, why.

According to AirlineRating, there are 13 criteria which is considered as the heartbeat of the airline. Some of these criteria are self-explanatory, some are not.

  1. Product Rating

  2. Safety Rating

  3. Passenger Reviews

  4. Fleet Age

  5. Operating Profit

  6. Investment grade rating

  7. Does the airline have flat beds in business class?

  8. Does the airline have premium economy?

  9. Is the airline an innovator?

  10. Industrial issues

  11. Serious Incidents

  12. Environmental Report

  13. Must be a top 50 airline.

For the majority of passengers, a good safety record, and good price tick the boxes. However, many of the other criteria, monitor an airline's heartbeat and are frequently the initial indicators of more significant issues.

Profitability and fleet age are critical considerations. Some airlines are profitable but do not invest nearly enough in fleets or services. Some have fleets that are 17 years or older on average.

Premium economy on a long-distance carrier is considered as the significant criteria. It is unquestionably the finest value proposition for both the passenger and the airline. The inspetors also insist that an airline have flat beds in business class with a comfortable mattress has a chance to win Airline of the Year.

The AirlineRating also examines whether the airline is an innovator, attempting new things to improve the passenger experience. It can be as basic – and popular – as an automatic coffee ordering system that activates when your boarding card is swiped upon entering the airline's lounge. You then receive a text message stating that it is ready.

An airline must be an environmental innovator. Regardless of the argument over climate change, reducing pollution is simply good business and social responsibility. It also establishes the tone and demonstrates leadership.

Harmonious industrial relations are also vital and, in many circumstances, provide a fantastic snapshot of the heart of an airline. It is less about salary and more about whether employees are pleased and management is engaged and listening.

Crash investigators determined that the crew's skill saved the aircraft, which was a positive for the airline rather than a negative.

Finally, the judges examine passenger evaluations from the websites as well as others such as Trip Advisor and the Conde Nast Readers' Choice Awards to determine how passengers perceive their experiences.


According to, the world’s Best Airlines for 2022 is Qatar Airways. The Doha-based airline edged off Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, and Korean Air to take the top spot in's Best Airlines for 2022, followed by Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and Virgin Australia.

Qatar Airways is being honored for its innovation, product, and industry leadership, as well as its commitment to keeping the world's critical long-haul air routes open during COVID-19 over the past 30 months, which has resulted in the airline posting a record profit despite losing money on many capped flights.


There’s another rating comes from the online customer survey conducted by Skytrax. Travellers across the world vote in the largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to determine the award winners.

Over 100 customer nationalities participated in the 2022/2023 survey, the result reveals that Singapore Airlines has been voted the World’s Best Airline at the 2023 World Airline Awards.

Singapore Airlines dominated the First Class travel awards, winning the awards for the World’s Best First Class, the World’s Best First Class Seat, the World’s Best First Class Comfort Amenities and took top position as the Best Airline in Asia.


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