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Speaking the Language of Recruitment

Brookfield has a large presence in Latin America, where recruitment opportunities are blooming.

The aviation industry in Latin America has experienced significant growth and transformation in recent years. With a rapidly expanding middle class, increased tourism, and improving economic conditions, Latin American countries are witnessing a surge in air travel demand. But some of the biggest airlines are struggling due to bad management and unrealistic forecasts. Brookfield Aviation has identified since before the pandemic a massive recruitment potential in Latin America.

So what is going right?

Tourism Boom: Latin America boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant cities, making it an increasingly popular destination for tourists from around the world. Countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Peru have experienced a significant influx of visitors, leading to a higher demand for air travel. To cater to this demand, airlines have been adding more flights, expanding their networks, and investing in modern aircraft.

Infrastructure Development: Governments in Latin America have recognized the importance of modernizing aviation infrastructure to support the industry's growth. Investments have been made to improve airport facilities, expand runway capacity, and enhance air traffic management systems. These infrastructure developments have not only increased operational efficiency but have also enabled airlines to operate more flights and accommodate larger aircraft.

Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs): The rise of low-cost carriers has revolutionized air travel in Latin America. LCCs, such as VivaAerobus, Volaris, and Azul, have brought affordability and accessibility to air travel, making it more accessible to a wider population. By adopting a no-frills approach and offering competitive fares, LCCs have stimulated air travel demand, particularly in domestic markets, where they have become formidable competitors to traditional full-service carriers.

Aircraft Fleet Modernization: Airlines in Latin America have been renewing their fleets with newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft. This not only helps reduce operating costs but also enhances passenger comfort and safety. Carriers such as LATAM Airlines, Avianca, and Copa Airlines have placed substantial orders for state-of-the-art aircraft like the Airbus A320neo and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, enabling them to improve operational efficiency and offer a superior flying experience.

Strategic Partnerships: Latin American carriers have formed strategic alliances and partnerships with global airlines to expand their reach and improve connectivity. These partnerships allow passengers to access an extensive network of destinations and benefit from seamless travel experiences. Partnerships such as LATAM's affiliation with One World Alliance and Avianca's membership in Star Alliance have strengthened the global competitiveness of Latin American airlines.

Quality of Personnel:

To become a pilot in Latin America, aspiring individuals must go through a comprehensive training process that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical flight experience. The training requirements for Latin American pilots align with international standards and regulations set by organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Experience, high standards and commitment and loyalty to their employers are the most important characteristics that they can offer to your airline.

The aviation industry in Latin America is on an upward trajectory, driven by factors mentioned above. As Latin America continues to flourish as an attractive travel destination, the aviation industry is poised for further expansion. However, challenges such as regulatory frameworks, infrastructure gaps, and market volatility makes the region a new and interesting place to recruit the best aviation talent.

Brookfield Aviation has a very strong database of Latin American pilots on different types who are willing to gain international experience working away from their home countries. It is not an always easy job to persuade them to take this step, but we know how because we speak the same language, and as expats working abroad we have lived the same experience.

Let us know of your recruitment needs and rest assure that Brookfield will fill up those personnel gaps with the most experienced and committed pilots from an emerging continent.


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