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Profitable Flight School for Sale in South Africa

Brookfield Aviation Finance presents one of the most dominant  Flight Training Schools in South Africa with 15 years of experience in aviation training from O-ATP and flight Instructor Training. Keeping up with the rapid expansion and ever-evolving industry trends, the school's ability to stand out in the market is facilitated by its own capabilities to provide in-house services, which have little reliance on third-party providers.


The asking price is 2.4 million USD (sell 100%)


The school is approved by the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO). Having AMO gives the school full control of its maintenance and support for the operation needs.


They are based in one of the most dynamic international airports located at the main taxiway of the airport, 24-hour ATC service, single runway of 3100m x 45m. 

The 2nd base: a stand-alone base, and fully approved by SACAA. approx 1-hour drive from the 1st base, The school has a great reputation for its training standards.


The school consists of 19 aircraft, of which 15 are owned outright by the company.

1600 square meters facility. 2 bases (attractive locations). Hangar & office facilities (lease). Training manual, 14 pilot training programs and certifications (include: PPL; CPL; ATPL; Type rating on C208, BE200, Airbus A320, Airbus A340; Instructor Rating; English Language Proficiency)

AL250 FNPT2 is the simulator (owned outright)


Accommodation and Services.

22 neighbouring rental apartments provide housing for the students.

30 ATO admins, 6 AMOs, 5 flying instructors, 11 drivers, and 4 housekeeping staff members oversee the school.

4 vehicles are used for transportation



The outlook for the near future is very promising as it Is establishing additional agencies in Asia and Africa, which lead to an additional stream of students.


For more than 30 years, Brookfield has been a prominent leader in the aviation industry. Our in-depth understanding of the aviation sector puts us in a strong position to be your go-to partner when selling aviation companies.


For further details and to download the teaser visit - Profitable Flight School for Sale in South Africa

Contact our team Ms. Anna Tran and Mr. Felipe Cabezas to explore this acquisition opportunity.


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