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Ethical Culture and Harmony

Although we are moving to a brand new, digital world order, it is undeniable that human intelligence, hand and common sense will always be included in working life for the continuity of real life. The importance of human common sense, which cannot yet be achieved with digital solutions, will be a factor that needs to be considered and thought about much more at this point. It is essential to create ethical and harmonious working environments inside and outside the company in order to process, develop and feed this as an input to companies in the most efficient way.

Regardless of the industry being served, the scale and structure of the companies, the first step to be taken will be to define and embody the corporate culture, ethical and harmonious working environment very well.

Currently, in many companies, the irregular structure of the company, the uncertainties of the authorities and responsibilities of the managers and employees, miscommunications and misunderstandings within the company, uncertainties in employee rights, any type of discrimination, immoral and illegal approaches cause tensions and unrest. Although this is not seen clearly, it deeply affects all areas of the workforce, from recruitment to dismissal, from productivity to having a competent, effective and solid team.

In order to eliminate this situation, determining the main values and ethical codes of the company in the workplaces, defining the authorities and responsibilities, establishing rights, conditions and procedures, the management's ownership of these, setting an example for the employees, developing internal communication channels, establishing an effective and constructive communication with the employees, paving the way for them to share their thoughts and ideas, noticing the success of the employees and motivating them by being appreciated is essential to create a peaceful and safe working environment.

In the light of this data, you can follow the below given seven simple steps to create and maintain an organization that is compatible with the ethical corporate culture within the company.

1. Identify and write company core values and ethical codes etc. and integrate them into daily business life.

2. Ensure that the management primarily owns them.

3. Authorize someone for compliance tracking.

4. Be persistent in giving the message, make feel that you are following and intervening quickly.

5. Establish safe and open communication spaces for employees.

6. Appreciate exemplary actions in line with ethical company culture; reward it.

7. Choose any of your external partners that are compatible with your ethical culture.

As a result, putting these applications into use will not miraculously change your company, but by increasing the trust of the employees in the company, it will affect their behaviour models to be positive within the company and with these fundamental measures taken, the working environment will be made more harmonious and reliable day by day.

Brookfield strongly believes that harmony within the organization and sustainability of the team are important aspects of an airline’s business strategy, given that projects are usually struggling, time-consuming, and require a clear roadmap.

For these reasons, as part of Brookfield’s long-term expansion plan, we are proud to announce strategic partnerships with high experience that can support airlines in building grow-up plans with regard to addressing organisational behaviour.

Thus, if you are an airline that needs a human resources companion to find the proper way together, please contact


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