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Embraer Announces £390 Million Investment and 900 New Jobs in 2024

Brazilian manufacturer Embraer announced a substantial investment plan on Friday, revealing its intention to allocate approximately £390 million and hire an additional 900 employees in 2024. This initiative aims to boost aircraft production and accommodate anticipated future growth by developing new businesses, products, and services. 


The announcement was made during a visit to Embraer’s headquarters in São José dos Campos by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, highlighting the investment’s significance to both the company and the country’s economy. 


Investment Focus and New Technologies 


The investment will be directed towards research and development activities, particularly for new technologies such as electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs). Additionally, Embraer plans to expand its aeronautical services, including converting passenger aircraft into cargo planes, enhancing defence and security aircraft, improving operational efficiency, and expanding industrial activities. 


"Embraer is entering a new phase of growth based on efficiency and innovation. We are focused on capturing our full potential in the different segments in which we operate towards more sustainable aviation," stated Francisco Gomes Neto, President and CEO of Embraer. 


Workforce Expansion and Job Opportunities 


Embraer’s workforce expansion will primarily focus on the operations sector, with 90% of the new hires being mechanics, electricians, millers, moulders, aircraft maintenance technicians, and experienced quality technicians. The company will also provide opportunities for production apprentices who will undergo training and qualification processes with internal mentors. In addition, there will be roles for engineers and other administrative positions. 


This workforce increase follows Embraer’s 2023 growth, during which the company added 1,500 employees, returning to pre-pandemic employment levels. Currently, Embraer employs around 19,000 people worldwide, with 88% based in Brazil. 


Company Performance and Future Projections 


Embraer’s growth trajectory resumed in 2023, marked by total revenues of £5.26 billion and the best profitability in five years. The company delivered 181 jets; a 13% increase compared to the previous year. For 2024, Embraer projects continued growth, expecting deliveries of 72 to 80 commercial aircraft and 125 to 135 business jets. Revenue forecasts range from £6 billion to £6.4 billion. A significant part of this growth is attributed to the partnership with Azul Linhas Aéreas, which anticipates receiving 13 E195-E2 aircraft this year. One of these aircraft was presented and christened by President Lula during his visit. 


We congratulate Embraer on their investment and the creation of 900 new jobs in 2024. With over 30 years of experience, Brookfield Aviation International plays a pivotal role in supporting the aviation industry’s growth by specialising in providing tailored recruitment services, ensuring that aviation businesses have access to the skilled workforce and innovative solutions necessary to thrive in a competitive market. 

We are willing to support Embraer’s vision of growth and innovation by providing highly skilled aviation personnel. With our expertise in recruitment services, we are committed to facilitating companies like Embraer's success in the aviation industry. 


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