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Discover A Better You Through Challenge

WHO recently remarked the 6 month anniversary of the outbreak of COVID-19. The impact of the pandemic has affected people of all walks of life, regardless of who you are or where you live in the world. It has forced people to think outside of the box and find a way to thrive despite the challenges.

At the beginning of the lockdown I was anxious, frustrated and stressed which, I imagine, was a similar state to most people at the time. Every day spent reading the news, browsing social media, and receiving bad news from business, I was overwhelmed with negativity and uncertainty. After one month of absorbing all the emotion, stress and frustration, I realised that I could not change things that are beyond my control, except myself. Hence, why did I need to be worried about scenarios that may not materialise? Since that day I decided to change my mindset, surround myself with motivational role models, keep improving myself and get rid of toxic sources.

One of the most successful life coaches, Tony Robbins, quotes: “Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” At some point in life, we will experience losing something or someone that we think we cannot live without, or we will suffer from a terrible illness or failure in our career or business. All of these will pass and there is always the best path forward, that we probably do not see yet. We just have to embrace reality and reflect to find it. Indeed, without life pushing us to the edge we would not be able to discover new abilities, ideas and values, which could help us to progress and turn around the current situation. Our 2-million-year-old brain always looks for what is wrong; it is designed for survival and to protect us from harm. However, if we understand our brain’s function and how to use the power of the subconscious mind to create new habits, take action and appreciate life, this would lead to a breakthrough from our current situation.

I was fortunate to know of Siri Lindley’s inspiring story: she went from someone who did not know how to swim to becoming, through dedication and determination, eight years later, the number one triathlete in the world. Sadly in 2019 she was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer which, statistically, has a 24% chance of survival. However, rather than becoming hopeless she decided that she was going to find a way to turn around the impossible circumstance make it the best fight of her life. After 5 months of combating the disease she is now cancer-free. Her message to people: “Do not treat your body like a rental car. Treat your body as a luxury item as it is the best gift God has given you”. It was a wakeup call for me; I did not look after my body as it deserves.

Life can be difficult and complicated sometimes, such as the current situation. If something big happens suddenly, it is hard to process it all at once. However, the deep pain might lead to reflection on the circumstance and may provide a guide for what is truly important. Looking globally, there are many unfortunate people living in extremely difficult circumstances with no house, no clean water, no medical care, etc. This made me feel blessed with the privileges that I have.

In short, when we change our view, our wealth will change. I strongly recommend that you watch this 15 minute interview with Tony Robbins, after that you will change how you do everything.

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