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Time to consider working in Japan?

Spring Airlines in Japan is a growing low-cost carrier serving the Japanese and regional Asian market, operating a fleet of B-737-800 aircraft. An expanding route network and new aircraft arriving have resulted in some fabulous opportunities for captains to join the airline, initially on a long-term basis. Let’s find out why you should choose to work in Japan.

If you are interested in this opportunity after reading this article, just click the link below to find the information and apply:


Life in Narita, Japan is cozy and comfortable. People here are very civilized and warm-hearted. You could always ask a stranger for help if you lost your way. Their gentle response could relax your nerves in some way especially when you are isolated here as a foreigner. Easily accessible 24-7 convenience stores supply a rich variety of well-cooked foods like sandwiches and sushi etc. with free reheating services. Japanese cuisine is one of the most easily accepted one by foreigners since its general taste is soft, natural and moderate. With an annual after-tax income of USD 180,000 in Spring Airlines Japan (no need to pay training bond), life in Narita can be very enjoyable compared to Tokyo and Osaka. It is also a nice place to settle down, as apartments here are affordable. Besides, Spring Airlines Japan supplies an amount of JYP 200,000 (around USD 1823) as a monthly housing allowance.

Environment and Education

Highly advanced and efficient waste sorting system plus nice and incredibly clean environment makes Japan an ideal living place.

The air in Japan is less polluted and is fresh. As for education, there are many international schools for foreigners and your kids will be bilingual in both English and Japanese. Spring Airlines Japan will also be your additional helper by supplying an annual education allowance of JYP 600,000 (around USD 5,471) per child.


Transportation is well developed in Narita. Bus, taxi, railway, and bicycle, any of them can be your considerate alternative. It only takes 36 minutes from Narita Airport to the downtown of Tokyo and 41 minutes to Ueno by Skyline, an electric railway. Spring Airlines Japan offers captain an amount of JYP 300,000 (around USD 2737) as moving allowance at one time, which can be sufficient to cover your local travel expense. Besides, language should not be a problem, as English service is available not only at the bus counter but also in the ticketing system.

Established in 1978, New Tokyo International Airport, located in one of three metropolitan areas and 68 kilometers away from the downtown of Tokyo, is one of the five national central airports and the largest International airport in Japan. It is an Asian hub of Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines, which brings great convenience to your home visiting. Furthermore, Spring Airlines Japan provides captains with up to USD 20000 ticket allowance every 6 months.


Captains in Spring Airlines Japan are eligible for 20-day annual vacation and 20 one-way tickets. Captains can utilize the holiday to explore the beauty of Narita, like the must-see place, Narita San Shinshu.

The Screening Process

The screening process is very simple, quick and straightforward. It takes 2 days to complete which includes an interview, simulator check and medical check. The company will give a brief before the interview and they will reimburse the flight tickets in $USD cash when the candidates arrive in Japan. Here are a few comments from candidates: It is a very friendly and non-stressful screening process; The staff and examiner are very kind and polite; The country is very beautiful; the metro is a very convenient mode of transportation to reach the city centre.

Akiko Marselli (centre) from Spring Airlines Japan with Siya Sun and David George from Brookfield at the pilot careers event in Gatwick

Do not compare with the screening process in China, it is a completely different authority. If you are ready to explore a new life journey in Asia through this fantastic working opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For more information, you could either email or click the link above

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