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Living And Working In Paradise

There is something magical when you approach a small island after a long day flying. Imagine spending the whole day in the cockpit wearing your uniform, then what can be the best therapy to end the day? Probably a barefoot walk in one of 1,192 islands in the Maldives, enjoying the sunset and the crystal, turquoise water that surrounds the islands.

DEAR PILOTS: It is simple, you can have this amazing excperience in your life by deciding to work and live in the Maldives. Are you struggling to take that decision? I will try to make it easier for you by mentioning numerous reasons why is worth it:

Breathtaking views

Maldives is truly beautiful. You can find yourself waking up with an amazing and powerful sunrise, ending the day with a magical sunset. The crystal water leaves no one indifferent. Once you live there it will be quite hard to forget. This incredible natural beauty makes the Maldives one of the most desired places to go on holiday. Therefore, working and living there will allow you to enjoy all of that for free and while being paid.

Different Life Style

It is worthwhile to mention that life in Maldives is different. People who live there are very warm, friendly and hospitable, and they will welcome you to integrate into their community. Additionally, people from different parts of the world visit and live there, so the Maldives has received the influence of many cultures. Working and living in the Maldives will give you the opportunity to meet new people with different backgrounds and experience different cultures. Likewise, you will find yourself meeting some of the most famous people in the world, who consider the Maldives as the perfect destination to spend their holidays.

Living life in a different style might be related also with water sports. No matter where you are based in the Maldives, snorkelling and diving opportunities are on your doorstep. You will explore deep life in the ocean. to go on a picnic island, exploring uninhabited islands with your family and friends. Or you can simply enjoy a cup of tea on the beach, staring at the stars and relaxing.

Other Facilities

The Maldives is considered as one of the safest places on the planet for driving a car, with no traffic jams and no angry people inside the cars. Another great bit of news is that there is no income tax for foreigners working in the Maldives. They are only subject to a 3% remittance tax for money transfers back home.


Brookfield is pleased to provide opportunities for pilots to work in the Maldives. Nowadays, we are recruiting Captains and First Officers on A320 to join Maldivian Airlines, the national Airline of the Maldives operating since 2002. In a short time, there will be openings for A330 pilots to join too. It should be emphasized that the working schedule that Maldivian Airlines offers it is quite interesting. The pilots will have a roster of 77 days on 14 days off. Besides, the flight schedule is very light, involving 3-4 days flying on a typical week, followed by staying on stand by at home for 2-3 days, plus one day off every 6 days.

If you want to be part of this great adventure, please do not hesitate to contact us. Brookfield Team is always available to facilitate your application with Maldivian Airlines, and to support you with any enquiries you might have.

On a final note, Maldivian Airline is a very special client for us, and it is a great pleasure to work with them.

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