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End of an Era.

Last month saw the retirement of two of Brookfield’s longest serving employees, Debra Romagnuolo and Felicity Gillespie, who had been with our company for 15 and 14 years respectively.

In their long careers with the company, Debra (office manager at Brookfield HQ) and Felicity ( I.T. and database manager) have seen massive growth of the company and have been instrumental in its facilitation.

Brookfield CEO David George with Felicity (left) and Debra.

“Nobody could have had more loyal and trusted employees than Debra and Felicity” said David George, Brookfield CEO. “They have had a massive influence on the company during the last decade and a half with their outstanding professionalism which has inspired many of our younger members of staff”

Long service, reliability and stability is very typical of Brookfield staff, which is one of the reasons Brookfield is able to provide such a valuable service to our client airlines, pilots and engineers. Debra and Felicity will be greatly missed in the company, but we all wish them well in what we hope will be long and very happy retirement.

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