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The way to travel change with low cost

Low cost companies are growing by leaps and bounds. This has allowed more people to have the option to travel. In European countries, this is not a phenomenon that can be seen in broad strokes, because for many years they have had low cost companies that facilitate the connection between countries with benefits in costs, options (many airlines and routes), and closeness between countries. It makes it cheap flight accessible to everyone. However, the reality in other parts of the world, such as Latin America, is completely different. A few years ago, to travel by air in Latin America or inside a country such as Colombia was almost a dream.Only people with wealthy economic solvency could travel this way.

Nowadays, the reality is different and the appearance of low-cost airlines, elimination of visas and new agreements between countries has been slowly changing this phenomenon in Latin-America. People have more options to travel, more alternatives to visit different countries with better prices and less barriers. Also, the new trend in the new generations (millennials) have other goals and expectations in their lives, in comparison with previous generations, where the ideal was to have a settled life. The new generation likes to move and explore different cultures and places. Without low-cost airlines this aim is almost impossible.

The new generations prefer to travel around the world, to know and meet new cultures and the most important aspect is to have low-cost adventures. With the incursion of low cost airlines, this is a reality today. Everyone has the possibility to travel and follow their dreams.

In principle, the low cost only offered domestic routes or to nearby countries. Today, companies like Norwegian offer low cost transatlantic travel. In Latin America this phenomenon is beginning to grow. Brookfield, being the leading crew leasing company in the region provides its services to many low-cost airlines to develop their services and expansion day by day. A faithful example is Fly Bondi in Argentina, which, despite all the adversities it has gone through, remains and continues expanding. The airline’s operation is supported by a team of qualified instructors from our company, who are bringing a high level of professionalism and expertise to the airline. Other companies, are starting their operations and Brookfield are there to help and provide all the service necessary to start and position a new airline in the market.

With the low cost business model in an emerging market there are many untapped opportunities that will eventually be exploited. In Latin America, only countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina have established low cost airlines. As an international aviation company, we provide the services of the best instructors, captains, first officers, cabin crew, engineers and everything an airline needs to position itself in the market and grow with quality services. We look every day to support and consolidate relationships with new customers and strengthen our relations with existing ones.

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