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Beautiful Kazakhstani Women Exposed. Right or wrong… who knows?

Last night I was discussing with my girlfriend, an article in the Daily Mail entitled: “Bizarre advert for a travel site using NAKED models posing as flight attendants is branded 'disgusting' and offensive to women”. The advert featured a Kazakhstani travel agency called Choco Travel showing 7 beautiful models to advertise their website. I asked her to translate what they were the models were saying because for me it was pretty unusual that all the models were naked.

Apparently, the ad only talks about the benefits that the company offers (they don’t charge commission, and give a bonus for new customers). When my girlfriend was looking at it, she didn’t mind that the advert was displaying naked women. I asked her whether she felt in any way offended by it? She replied: “I don’t really mind, they agreed to do it and they got paid for it” … Fair enough…she’s got a point but to be honest, it was not the answer I expected to hear from her, not only because she is Russian but also, because she is a young woman who, according to my standards, should have a different approach to female exploitation in the advertising industry.

I thought that probably she was just very “open minded” so I decided to ask her whether her parents would think differently, to my surprise, they seemed to have equal points of view.

That situation made me think whether I was right or wrong, I am from Colombia where culturally we are more reserved than other parts of the world.

My Dad used to change the channel when a couple was kissing on TV when we were watching “Telenovela”. A kiss was banned by my parents because it felt disgusting and offensive for them, but for some reason my dad let us watch when a lover committed suicide because in the story, the lover couldn’t be with his “platonic love”.

Something that cannot be denied is that there are a lot of beautiful women in Kazakhstan, many of whom are really working for the airlines.


Brookfield has jobs available in Kazakhstan for captains and first officers:


There are always 2 sides of a story, and many points of view for everything but who’s here to judge? Culture is something that we will always differ, so I decided to do the same exercise to all the readers, I have included the male version of Choco Travel, I am looking forward to hearing what you think:

Choco Travel male version

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