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Demand Growing Rapidly for Aircraft Engineers

Aircraft are highly specialized pieces of equipment. The passengers and crew depend entirely on the reliability of all aircraft parts and equipment so the engineer jobs do not only demand training, but also logical thinking and acceptance of responsibility.

Job Outlook

The increase in the number of jetliners taken delivery by airlines, the profits in the airline industry and the growth of the new generation of aircraft has resulted in a shortage of aircraft maintenance personnel. Situations like this create opportunities and increase wages for engineers and maintenance technicians. The aerospace giant Boeing forecasts between 2016 and 2035, the aviation industry will need to supply more than 679,000 engineers and technicians.

The need for maintenance personnel is largest in the Asia Pacific region, then in North America which is followed by Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, CIS / Russia, and Africa.

As the aviation industry grows, airplane engineers will need to continue to design and build better and faster aircraft and equipment for both commercial and private purposes. In addition to the increasing demand for candidates, rapid advances in technology keep the educational requirements high.

As one Brookfield client recently remarked: “The demand for aircraft engineers cannot be satisfied by the current availability. There simply aren’t enough graduates in the field to take these jobs.”

There is an obvious advantage to higher demand and lower supply for the candidates. Those who attend aircraft technician institutes are in a better place to negotiate their starting salary.

Salary & Benefits

The salary for aircraft engineers is based on your type of expertise. Starting salary is near $40,000, and some engineers can make over $140,000.

The median annual wage for avionics technicians was $60,760 in May 2016 worldwide.

According to a report by PayScale: In the US, highest earnings for aircraft mechanics and service technicians surpass $160,000 in July 2017.

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