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China: Endless Opportunities in a Great Nation.

Over the last few years, the airline market in China has seen a significant growth. In spite of the fierce competition with rail of high speed, the market managed to increase the growth value to 7% by 2014. Such success can be attributed to short-trip flights, for which tickets have sold at up to 90% off the regular prices. Moreover, the dynamism of LCC (low-cost carriers) also has contributed to this significant growth.

Traditional Airlines such as Air China, China Eastern and China Southern since their beginnings have offered continuous good service, a wide range of destinations, routes and affordable tickets that eventually have made them the first option for travellers. The three companies accounted for roughly a 65% of the airline market share in China in 2014 and its leader Air China with a 26% of value share. The airline has covered more routes than the other companies, even more than the high-speed trains and has enhanced its international presence offering more options for business travellers.

Another significant factor in this growth has been online purchases. Customers have adopted the method very well due to the improvements on the part of the companies which have developed strong online security and secure payment methods.

In addition, the government has taken the development of the aviation infrastructure as a high priority. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, 82 new airports are going to be built and 101 are going to be refurbished. There will be roughly 230 Airports across the country by 2016. The organization expects to invest around 80 million dollars by 2016 which is going to be a definite boost to the industry and its worldwide expansion.

Brookfield Aviation International from the hand of its CEO Mr. David George understands the importance of strengthening relations with the Asian giant. Although the company has a long trajectory and a strong relationship with Chinese Airlines, its team has undertaken different approaches, ranging from promoting the Engineering courses delivered in Croatia, reported in the Chinese Business Gazette in London (see full interview), and more recently part of its team attended one business conference in Cambridge to promote one of the most important cities in China Wuhan in order to expand his network relationship in the country and find future opportunities of development.

At the Wuhan Conference

Brookfield Aviation International and its multicultural team is firmly committed to continue expanding and strengthening its business relationships with China as well as to support young Chinese students who want to find their path through its education opportunities in Europe.

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