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15 Core Values of the Piloting Profession

In discussions about the commercial aviation pilot profession, the focus often shifts towards technical aspects and current industry affairs. However, today we aim to reflect on the values that should shape and govern the behavior of pilots every day. 



Making sound and prudent decisions consistently to ensure operational safety. 

2.Professional Honesty: 

Upholding integrity and doing what is ethically right, regardless of personal or external pressures. 


Cultivating self-control, emotional balance, and the ability to manage stress effectively. 

4. Continuous Skill and Knowledge Update: 

Commitment to ongoing learning and skill enhancement. 

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5.Professional Rigor:  

Meticulous adherence to procedures, displaying attention to detail and respect for protocols. 

6.Sense of Team and Fairness:  

Acknowledging that operational success hinges on teamwork and treating colleagues equitably. 

7. Self-Care:   

Prioritising physical and mental well-being to maintain optimal fitness.


8.Exemplarity and Leadership: 

Serving as a role model, earning trust through exemplary behavior and leadership.


9. Confidentiality: 

Discretion in handling confidential information, safeguarding it from disclosure.


10. Kindness:   

Demonstrating respectful and attentive treatment towards all individuals. 

11. Companionship:   

Providing support to colleagues without veering into excessive corporatism.


12. Humility:   

Acknowledging personal limitations and avoiding arrogant attitudes. 

13. Efficiency:   

Resource management to prevent waste and contributing to environmental care. 

14. Spirit of Service to the Public: 

Keeping the legitimate interests of users in mind as a fundamental public service. 

15. Loyalty: 

Being loyal to the company or institution within reasonable limits. 


Brookfield Aviation International actively promotes and upholds the core values integral to the piloting profession. Recognising the importance of accountability, professional honesty, and continuous skill development, we believe in teamwork, self-care, and leadership, we encourage a commitment to ethical conduct, confidentiality, and respectful treatment of individuals. By championing these values, we ensure that pilots aligned with these principles contribute to the safe, efficient, and service-oriented management of air operations. 


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