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Digitize Your Training Planning, Crew Qualification Records and Scheduling

Planning that took weeks in spreadsheets has been reduced to minutes with MINT TMS.

Automation is critical for the aviation industry's fast and cost-effective operations in this rapid and digitalized world. At Brookfield, we understand our client airlines' immediate needs for fast and cost-effective operations in the middle of this economic downturn. We embrace the urgency for cost reduction while maximizing productivity. Therefore, we know there is no better time for airlines to enhance their technological capabilities for a post-pandemic recovery stage.

To provide our clients with a world-class solution and highly specialized software that has transformed and digitalized more than 65 well-renowned Airlines, MROs, and ATCOs across the globe, Brookfield has broadened its portfolio of services in partnership with one of the world's leading software solutions in the field; MINT TMS

The MINT System “MINT TMS” is the most complete software solution to automatically improve training planning and crew scheduling while ensuring compliance with existing regulations and reducing human error. MINT TMS optimizes training planning and helps to avoid potential penalties imposed on organizations because of non-compliance. MINT TMS tools and functions converge during the different processes of the training circle. The following processes are covered with MINT TMS:

Records and qualifications management maintains compliance, while it allows to keep track of various types of qualifications. MINT's engine automatically tracks and displays all related license expiration dates and renewal periods.

Electronic grading forms can be accessed from anywhere, online or offline. All examiners can access and register the information appropriately while in live sessions

Curriculum Management is designed to be a flexible solution that supports models and rules according to the organization's needs.

Scheduling & Optimization, Even the most complex training schedules can be generated while respecting qualifications, availability, and corporate work rules.

Designed to bring efficiency to organizations, MINT TMS is estimating, allocating, and tracking costs associated with specific curriculum and its training resources. The system easily monitors the cost information. This is a differential factor as it enables its users to evaluate the best training scenarios, assuring all criteria is met while presenting cost-effective alternatives.

MINT's technology is robust and provides tools for customization, operating the software with confidence and under highest levels of security. The Web-based design allows access from anywhere at any time.

The customized implementation process will be aligned with the structure of the customer organization, to allow a seamless integration into an existing software landscape..

At Brookfield, we believe that MINT TMS is an innovative and dynamic solution that will be a key player in 2021 for the recovery of the aviation industry.

To have full details about the numerous benefits of how MINT would be an effective solution for your organization, please request more info in here


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