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Mach2, Revolutionising Private Jet Charters: The First Real-time Bidding Platform

Our exclusive client, Mach2, the brainchild of ACOM Aviation, is set to transform the private jet charter industry with its groundbreaking platform. Offering the first-ever real-time bidding experience, Mach2 serves as a dynamic marketplace connecting private jet operators, air charter brokers, travel agents, and frequent charter users.

Seizing a Lucrative Market Opportunity

With the global business jet market projected to soar to $35.56 billion by 2027, Mach2 is strategically positioned to capitalise on this exponential growth. Its subscription-based revenue model offers tailored solutions for operators, brokers, travel agents, and end-users, ensuring fairness and flexibility.

Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime

Embarking on a two-stage fundraising campaign, Mach2 invites investors to join its journey from the ground floor. In the first phase, the platform seeks to raise USD 850,000 for a 15% equity stake, followed by a subsequent round offering a 10% equity stake for USD 1,250,000. With an expected total return on investment within three years and a projected company valuation of USD 81,000,000 after five years, Mach2 presents a compelling investment opportunity.

Unparalleled Competitive Advantages

Mach2's real-time bidding system stands as its key differentiator, providing unmatched transparency and efficiency. Advanced technology and security protocols ensure a seamless user experience, while innovative features like the Empty Leg Marketplace optimise fleet utilisation and deliver cost-effective charter options.

Milestones on the Horizon

With a platform already developed and beta-tested, Mach2 is poised for a full-scale launch. Initial goals include acquiring 300 operators and 200 brokers/travel agents in the first year, with plans for global expansion in subsequent years.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Development

Mach2 boasts a user-friendly platform equipped with features like real-time bidding, intelligent alerts, and a secure messaging channel. Stringent vetting processes ensure regulatory compliance and user authenticity, while robust cybersecurity measures mitigate potential risks.

Join the Aviation Revolution with Mach2

Visit Mach2 Real-Time Bidding Platform for Private Jet Charters to know more about the platform.

Reach out to our business specialist, Ms. Nairah Dinah, at, for more information regarding the project.


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