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CityAirbus NextGen Takes to the Skies

Airbus has unveiled its full-electric CityAirbus NextGen prototype, a two-tonne class eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, with a wingspan of approximately 12 metres, designed for urban operations. This cutting-edge aircraft is expected to have a range of 80 km and a cruising speed of 120 km/h, ideally suited for various missions in major cities. The maiden flight is scheduled for later this year. 


The unveiling coincided with the opening of the new CityAirbus test centre in Donauwörth, Germany, dedicated to testing systems for eVTOLs. This centre, part of Airbus's long-term investment in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), started operations with the power-on of the CityAirbus NextGen in December 2023. It will now conduct the final tests required before the prototype's maiden flight, focusing on the electric motors and their eight rotors, as well as other systems like flight controls and avionics. 


Balkiz Sarihan, head of Urban Air Mobility at Airbus, stated, “Rolling out CityAirbus NextGen for the first time is an important step towards advanced air mobility and our future product and market. We appreciate the support from our community, team, and partners worldwide for helping us make this a reality.” 


In addition to the CityAirbus NextGen, Airbus is expanding its global network and forging partnerships to create a thriving ecosystem for a successful and sustainable AAM market. The company recently signed a partnership agreement with LCI, a leading aviation company, focusing on developing partnership scenarios and business models in three core AAM areas: strategy, commercialisation, and financing. 

The CityAirbus NextGen is not just a prototype; it's a glimpse into a new era of aviation, where eVTOLs could play a significant role in reducing urban congestion and offering efficient transport solutions in cities around the world. Investors and stakeholders interested in AAM should watch this space as it evolves into a key component of the future of aviation. 

With these advancements, Brookfield sees a promising future for urban air mobility, with the potential to revolutionise urban transport. Given the recent influx of prototypes, it is imperative to consider the necessary conditions for operating these aircraft.  

Not to mention how crucial it is to provide engineers and pilots with the right training programmes so that they are certified to operate these aircraft.  It is commonly known that Brookfield provides aviation employees with a broad choice of positions that complement individuals' abilities and allow them to advance in their careers.   

Check out the JOB PORTAL to see the most recent positions that are open.  


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