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Cadets Wanted as Pilot Shortage Hits the Industry

Since the Covid crisis of 2020, the number of flights around the world has soared. Millions of people packed their luggage and took to airports everywhere in search of new destinations, reunions, and adventures. However, a new crisis is happening.

The airline supply has fallen below demand and many companies have had to cancel flights, thousands of travellers have been stranded at airports for days and some have even been unable to receive their luggage for weeks.

The industry is facing a notable personnel crisis, which has led some airports around the world to reduce their flights because they cannot deal with the number of passengers. Many airlines have run out of pilots, which has forced hundreds of flights to be grounded. It is worth mentioning that the aviation industry employs directly and indirectly approx. 56.6 million people.

Worldwide, Airlines are struggling to find qualified pilots due to 2 factors: The shortage of pilots, and the numerous job offers that pilots receive from every part of the world.

There is strong competition between Airlines to offer the best possible commercial terms to attract and sign pilots, however, the number of flight personnel is not enough to operate more aircraft. As well, the qualification requirements are quite competitive; naturally the airlines are requesting very experienced captains and first officers.

For inexperienced cadets, the panorama is not so encouraging, since employers are requesting highly experienced pilots, which leaves creates an obstacle to building their careers. However, we are offering a potential solution for this problem and to enable cadets to become successful pilots with enough experience to apply to any of their desired jobs worldwide.

Between our main services, we offer to inexperienced cadets the opportunity to have real experience on multi crew jets from Airbus to Boeing. Cadets will be able to reach from 500 – 1,500 hours on type. The bases of our programs are in Europe and South America with very solid airlines that commit to the development of the technical skills of our cadets.

If you are looking to develop your career as a pilot, we would like to support you and give you the opportunity to make your dreams true.


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