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The  Positive Side of COVID- 19.

The Covid-19 virus has spread over the world at an incredible pace. Countries have closed borders and locked down to protect the lives of their citizens as a priority. These measures to contain the virus have affected the global economy and the way of living we have had until this virus came up and showed its terrible consequences. It’s misery for most of us.

Every human life is at risk, obliging us to keep at home and avoid social contact, taking us out of the streets, pubs, clubs, our jobs, social events, every single sport around the world. But thinking beyond our fun, regular activities, finances, professional goals, etc… the bright side of the coin is for the wild animals and the environment. Both of them have taken a breath, a deep breath from humankind. From the choking pollution caused by industry, motor vehicles and aviation.

You can see wild animals on the streets just walking around enjoying life and probably happy to think they are alone in the world.

This might be a hidden message from the Covid-19 that we are prioritizing material things over natural life, keeping in mind that the human race depends on the oxygen produced by flowers and the equilibrium that the animals bring to our ecosystem.

I would like to show you something so amazing and astonishing that it hasn't been seen for more than 30 years due to high levels of pollution and contamination and nowadays we have the opportunity to admire it, I am talking about the Himalaya Mountains. Even the Indian citizens living close by are surprised about this wonderful view.

Maybe these pictures bring positive thoughts and hope for some readers, maybe not, but, what I am sure is that the environment and wildlife in general are taking a deep breath from us and the planet is full of life more than ever. We have been and will continue to do more damage to our ecosystem and have to reorganize our ideas and thoughts on what's more important. Whether it is animal life and the environment that provides us food and life, or our pockets full of money by destroying the planet itself.

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