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Premier Acquisition Opportunity: A Leading FAA 141/142 Flight Training School for Sale in Eastern USA

Our client is one of the largest and most prestigious FAA 141/142 flight training schools in the USA, recognised for its superior flight and ground instruction and boasting one of the highest pass rates in history.

Operating from two offices within the same international airport, the school offers a comprehensive 360-degree training solution to airlines, universities, and individuals globally, enabling students to progress from zero hours to becoming airline pilots with B737NG or A320 type ratings.

Fully certified under FAA Part 141 and Part 142 regulations, the school is supported by highly skilled instructors, a standardised fleet of 21 aircraft, and advanced in-house simulators, providing an optimal training programme.

With prestigious certifications and robust partnerships, it is a premier solution for global aviation training needs, committed to the highest safety, quality, and efficiency standards.


On their behalf, we are seeking strategic buyers to acquire this fully scalable, high-growth, and profitable business (exit 100%). This excellent acquisition opportunity is ideal for Airlines, Big Pilot training schools, Private Equity, and Aviation holding firms that want to expand their training capacities and footprint while owning a profitable business and taking it to a new level.




Situated on the East Coast of the USA, the school benefits from excellent weather conducive to year-round flight training. Its operations are based out of a major international airport with large runways and various instrument approach procedures, offering a superior infrastructure for flight training.




  •  FAA Part 141 & 142 Certified

  •  Veterans Affairs (VA) Certification for training war veterans

  •  SEVP approved for international students (M1 visa) 

Financial Performance


The school has demonstrated impressive growth approx at 30% YOY over the last three years:


  •  Revenue: $8.2 million in 2023, projected to reach $10.3 million in 2024

  •  Net Income: $2.2 million in 2023, projected to reach $3.0 million in 2024

Aircraft & Simulator Fleet


  •  Modern fleet of 21 well-maintained aircraft (Cessna 150, 152, and 172 models, PA34 aircraft)

  •  3 flight simulators (2x B737NG fixed-based, 1x Redbird)




  •  Two campuses with 8,000 sq. ft. of office/training space and 6,000 sq. ft. of hangar space

  •  In-house daily maintenance adhering to the highest FAA standards


Student Accommodation


  • Modern, fully furnished housing options, including gated apartment communities and private homes with amenities such as pools and tennis courts

  • Car rental services available for students


Management Team and Succession


A solid management team ensures a seamless transition post-acquisition, ready to take the business to new heights.


Unique Selling Points


  •     Comprehensive Training Solution: From zero experience to ATP with B737NG and A320 type ratings.

  •    Strong Industry Partnerships: Collaborations with major US universities and regional airlines, offering direct pathways to employment for graduates.

  •     Self-Examining Authority: Under FAA Part 141, allowing streamlined licensing processes and enhanced student satisfaction.

  •     Global Reach: Approved by ICE under SEVP, enabling the training of foreign students with M1 visas. 


For more information and to explore this acquisition opportunity, please get in touch with our experts, Ms. Anna Tran and Ms. Nairah Dinah.

Download the teaser and NDA, or contact us directly.

Brookfield Aviation Finance is a reputable leader with more than 30 years of experience in the aviation sector. We specialise in selling and buying aviation businesses worldwide, including airlines, pilot flight schools, and MROs. If you are considering selling your aviation business or buying strategic aviation companies to help you achieve your growth strategies, please get in touch with our team for further assistance.


We are the perfect partner for your aviation business needs because of our extensive knowledge of the aviation industry.


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