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Be the Next Aircraft Engineer

Do you want to train with a world market leader in aircraft maintenance?

Lufthansa Technik Shannon and Brookfield Education and Training have signed a new partnership to help train and provide the next generation of aircraft maintenance engineering professionals.

Lufthansa Technik Shannon, based in Ireland, offer this 28-month Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training Course, where upon successful completion, students will meet the requirements to apply for an EASA Category A Aircraft Maintenance License and they will also have completed 70% of the B1.1 Aircraft Maintenance License modules and 58% of the B2 Aircraft Maintenance License modules. The advantage of this course is that with a further 2 more years of relevant experience and completing the remaining B1.1 or B2 modules it allows for the Cat A Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to gain their B1.1 or B2 license. The 4 remaining B1.1 or the 5 remaining B2 modules can be taken through night courses and self-study while attending their course in Shannon.

The experience requirements for the Cat A license is met by the student aircraft maintenance engineer being integrated into a live aircraft maintenance environment in the Lufthansa Technik Shannon facility.

Here they will gain very valuable aircraft base maintenance experience across every area of the aircraft.

This experience is vital for any student aircraft maintenance engineer as it gives them the experience requirements to apply for their Cat A Aircraft Maintenance Licence on course completion.

During this period technicians will be working and gaining experience required to apply for a B1 licence. A traditional B1 training programme does not compare to what Lufthansa Technik Shannon are able to provide, as the traditional B1 student will still be training after two years and four months, whilst the Lufthansa students, if successful, will have achieved all required to apply for their Cat A licence, allowing them to work towards gaining the valuable experience required to apply for a B1 licence and earning a salary at the same time. The Lufthansa students will still have the opportunity, if capable, to complete the remaining 30% of their B1.1 modules through night classes and self-studies. This advantage will give all successful graduates of the programme leverage when looking for their first job because of the large number of tasks that are completed through the training on operational aircraft. This will also put them further along in their career path than the traditional B1 students. Todd Skaggs Vice President of Educational Services at Brookfield Education and Training says, “Lufthansa Technik Training is the best in the world and this course provides a fast track route to earning salary as a technician whilst continuing to learn and enhance skills”.

Lufthansa Technik Shannon is able to provide, through their EASA Part 147 school, full access to their EASA Part 145 facilities where the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, alongside Boeing 737,757, 767 and the Airbus A320 family of aircraft are maintained. Students will gain skills to inspect aircraft, repair aircraft structure in aluminium alloy steel and composites.

If you are ready to come to Shannon, Ireland to Lufthansa Technik Shannon’s new state of the art training facilities to get EASA approved training with experienced trainers that have decades of hands on experience, then this course is for you. Successful graduates will meet the requirements to apply for their EASA Part 66 Cat A Licence, will have completed a minimum of 70% of the B1.1 Course, will have completed 58% of the B2 theoretical subjects and will complete 1 year of On-the-Job Experience (OJE) in a live EASA Part 145 facility.

Please contact Brookfield Education and Training on to take your aviation career and put it into your hands and the hands of Lufthansa Technik Shannon.

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