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West Air: A Rising Star in the Southwest

West Air is the second private airline in western China approved by the CAAC. Ranking only second to Spring Airlines. Headquartered in Chongqing, West Air has bases located in Chongqing Jiangbei, Zhengzhou Xinzheng and Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airports. The airline takes the modern management idea as the leading mind, and to establish the excellent and efficient modern air transport enterprise as the target.

The Fleet

West Air takes the all-airbus model, operating 27 aircraft, including 4 A319s and 23 A320s. The engines of the airbus A319 are V2500s.

The Ideals

Safety: It is undeniable that West Air is a young airline, but in security, it has the support from Hainan Airlines Group. In 2007, Hainan Airlines’ safety flight added up to 301,700 hours, and has won the highest award “Jinpeng cup” with the lowest accident symptoms rate of 0.07, far lower than the industry average rate.

Eco-Friendly: To fulfill the social responsibility is the enterprise culture, and ‘advocating environmental protection to take good care of our home’ is the cabin symbol of West Air. On the choice of supplies during the flight, the airline highlights the concept of green consumption and minimization of waste. At the same time, a lesson of eco-friendliness is given, so that a flight with West Air can intimately feel the importance of environmental protection.

The Location

Chongqing is the major industrial and commercial city in southwest China and the only direct-controlled municipality in western China. It is one of only four Chinese cities on the world map that hangs in the United Nations hall.

Chongqing, City

Chongqing, famous as “the mountain city”, has both the modern urban landscape and the colourful history and culture. Here you can feast your eyes with varieties of landscape designs due to the special geography: the mall is on a slope and the metro go inside the residential building, etc. The "Grand Prix" is always at the Hongyadong stilted house complex with traditional Chongqing food, hot pot. The carefully renovated stilted building is a blend of Walt Disney's style and recreated a bit of old Chongqing's life for foreign visitors.

As for the aviation industry here, Chongqing will build “big four small five” civil airports. In 2016, Wushan airport has been built. On August 29, 2017, Jiangbei International Airport T3 terminal and the third runway were officially put into operation. In 2017, the passenger throughput of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport was 39.6 million, 8.4% up; the cargo throughput of the airport was 36.89 million tons, 1.5% up.

From all above we can expect a promising prospect in Chongqing’s aviation industry, which is also a perfect reason for you to join West Air.

Brookfield Aviation on behalf of our client West Air is seeking A319/320/321 Captains. The airline offers up to $251.000 per year with quicker entry process. Please click here for more details.

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