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The Future of British Aviation Education is Still Bright

Brookfield Education & Training management with the next generation of aviation students.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has been hitting business a lot in 2020. However, the development of the aviation industry in modern history is vital and inestimable to support the development of human transportation. In the future, the industry will follow the evolvement of history and introduce high-tech elements into the advancement of the next aviation era. The new generation of aviation education and models are changing with the epidemic. For the future, aviation education will continue to develop strongly. Even if the world pattern changes qualitatively with the epidemic, aviation education in the future will still change and adapt to the changes. The new situation, the second economic recovery, aviation, tourism, and technology industries are still what people are looking forward to.

Aviation is still the most advanced and high-end technology engineering industry in the world. People are first attracted by its challenging nature of work, and then controlled by the mystery and excitement of its ability to soar in space.

Currently, the British aerospace industry employs more than 120,000 high-tech professionals. Whether in terms of technological innovation or academic research, the British aerospace industry ranks among the best in the world, and British universities have contributed to the development of the aerospace industry. Due to the particularity of the industry, many universities in the UK and many multinational airlines in the world, such as Airbus, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and others have established close cooperative relations to concentrate on development and research. In the professional branch, aerospace engineering is mainly divided into industrial design, composite materials, air/fluid dynamics, satellite and geophysics, control and detection. Its diversified professional classification has contributed to its wide expansibility, strong application, and wide range of professional characteristics, providing students with a wide and flexible range of choices.

A classic feature of British education is that it pays great attention to the practicality of teaching flexible innovation and keeping up with the development of reality, emphasising the integration of knowledge and market, and the integration of education and industry.

Introduction to Academic Research Institutions:

Imperial College London

MSc Advanced Aeronautical Engineering:

Engineering professional courses provide basic subject modules, which are essential for the development of new and more environmentally friendly aircraft design technologies and provide interdisciplinary training in aircraft technology to reduce environmental impact and life cycle costs.

Aeronautics, flow management and fluid-structure interaction advanced calculation method major:

This major provides students with computational methods, basic theories and physical principles, as well as experimental techniques in aviation and other fields. This course is suitable for students who wish to upgrade their engineering skills or convert mathematical physics or computer science to advanced engineering. Students will be able to upgrade the professional skills required by the aviation engineering industries.

University of Bath

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the school alone has set up nine scientific research centres in the field of mechanical manufacturing, including the Aerospace Machinery Research Center, Aerospace Composite Materials Research Center, Mechanical Design Research Center, and Nonlinear Mechanics Research Center.

The first semester of the Master of Aerospace Engineering offered by the department is mainly to study analytical methods and modelling techniques for simulation, design and production of modern aircraft and propulsion. The second semester will focus on experimental classes, supplemented by the introduction of research methods. Its core research involves the conceptual design of composite wings, aeroacoustics, flight simulators, aerodynamic stability research, etc.

University of Glasgow

The Engineering Graduate School of the University of Glasgow has the Department of Aerospace Mechanical Engineering, which has the MSc in Aerospace Systems, MSc in Space Mission Analysis and Design, and MSc in Aerospace Engineering & Management.

Among them, the content taught by the Master of Aerospace Systems Engineering covers all aspects of the mechanical design of aerospace systems, including flight control systems, navigation systems, and aircraft management and communication systems. In addition to studying core courses, students will also participate in group and individual practical projects. Besides, the school invites industry professionals to explain to students the latest developments in the industry, which is also a highlight of the major.

In addition, the universities below have also set up corresponding courses, and the course rankings are also pre-set and have their own characteristics.

De Montfort University Leicester: Aeronautical Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons)

The University of Bristol: Aerospace Engineering

The University of Southampton: Race Car Aerodynamics (MSc)

University of Sheffield: Aerospace Engineering

University of Nottingham

Brookfield Education Training Programs

RAF Air Force Recruitment:

Brookfield Aviation has more than 25 years of experience in human resources and contracting in the aviation field. We are also working with many British universities in the employment and professional fields for the development of aviation education in the future, so as to better the aviation education industry in the new era and pave the way.

We have collaborated with universities, RAF, airlines, enterprise to build up many projects that relate to aviation education, including unlimited aviation English, consulting, training and products all over the world. We also provide students with professional advice and application services, and through positive guidance on future career analysis we can help them complete the transformation from field study to a career as an expert in professional aviation.

For more details, please contact ; Direct Tel: +44 (0) 1372 569549


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