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Turmoil and Hope in Indian Aviation

The Indian aviation industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country during the last few years. India has become the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to overtake the UK to become the third-largest air passenger market in the next five years.

The Indian aviation industry is largely untapped with enormous growth prospects, considering that air transport is still expensive for the majority of the country’s population, of which nearly 40 per cent is the upwardly mobile middle class.

The industry stakeholders should engage and collaborate with policymakers to implement efficient and rational decisions that would boost India’s civil aviation industry. There is 5 billion investment expected in the next few years in Indian aviation and another 2 billion for airport infrastructure as per government data.

There are nine ongoing projects at the moment with opportunities of $4billion. There is an excellent opportunity for expat pilots. According to the latest data, there is more demand than supply of talent in the aviation sector. Full-service carrier Vistara hired more than 1,000 people in fiscal 2018-19 to meet its fleet expansion plans. A Vistara spokesperson said the company is expecting the delivery of 56 new planes by 2023.

“There is a significant shortage of Pilots, maintenance staff, route planning/scheduling experts”, according to Elaine He, International Business Manager at Brookfield Aviation. “There is considerable demand for expat professionals due to the scarcity of local talent. With most airlines in expansion mode and looking to add more than 100 aircraft through the end of 2020, we believe that the industry could add up to 18,000 jobs (direct and indirect) across levels and functions in the same period,”

Indian official statistics of growth mention there is 11.00 % increase in Passenger traffic, 15.90 % in

Foreign Tourist travels, 3.60 MMT in Total freight traffic (MMT), 14.40 % in Domestic aircraft movement. India is the ninth-largest civil aviation market in the world. The aviation sector in India currently contributes $ 72 bn to GDP. India has 464 airports and airstrips, of which 125 airports are owned by Airport Authority of India (AAI). These 125 AAI airports manage close to 78% of domestic passenger traffic and 22% of international passenger traffic. There are a lot of prospects for engineers and aviation personnel in this industry.

To conclude, this is an exciting opportunity for pilots who are looking to move to the Indian subcontinent, There is more demand than supply. Around 250 pilots are trained in India every year while the industry needs as many as 900.

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