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Helping our Friends at Thomas Cook

Perhaps not every cloud has a silver lining, but in the wake of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy, many pilots and engineers were comforted to know that Brookfield Aviation have jobs available with our many clients to offer most of them. To deliver this message, Brookfield attended the major recruitment fair to support former Thomas Cook employees at Runway Park in Manchester, whilst simultaneously hosting our own exclusive pilot and engineer roadshow at the Marriott Hotel.

“Interest in the opportunities we have to offer has been immense” said Jose Rojas, Project Manager for Brookfield, “The quality of candidates from Thomas Cook being extremely high, we will have many of these working again very soon. As always we have requirements for captains and first officers on our worldwide contracts as well as a vast amount of engineering vacancies throughout the UK, Europe and around the world. The market is competitive but we can always place good professionals”

Thomas Cook employees meet with Brookfield at Runway Park

Brookfield have a distinguished record of helping pilots, engineers and airline management personnel into new jobs following major airline failures such as Thomas Cook and Monarch and as a result can offer our clients extremely well qualified and motivated candidates. We hope the next airline failure is in the distant future, but we are always ready to help, whenever that may be.

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