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Chinese Language Opens Doors to Highly Paid Work in China

Chinese is one of the most important languages in the world. Learning the language would be the best way to open the doors to many working and business opportunities in China.

Over 750,000 people around the world take the Official Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) every year. All these people from different industries, backgrounds are learning in hope to understand the often-misunderstood country better and benefit from knowing the world’s most widely spoken language, whether it is for personal reasons or business opportunities. With the robust economic growth in China and growing ties between China and the rest of the world, the individuals learning this language are gaining a competitive advantage to their degree, differentiating themselves from peers, learning a new communication skill as well as increasing their global business acumen. With the asset of Chinese, they are not only helping themselves in the workforce but also closing gaps between the East and the West as true citizens of the world.

Guess what the former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd; the successful entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg and the U.S. ex-President Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama have in common? They all take Chinese as their second language. The study of learning Chinese opens the doors to different fields, such as Chinese politics, history, economy as well as business and working opportunities.

Brookfield Aviation, the world’s leading supplier of pilots, engineers, and human resource solutions to the aviation industry worldwide, has been engaged in delivering pilots to China for more than 2 decades. To support pilots’ lengthy and complicated application process in China, Brookfield have teams distributed in China’s major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, to help them better adapt to local life and smoothly pass the transition period. Being aware of the advantage of speaking the local language, Brookfield has recently been working on introducing a high-quality Chinese language supplier. With the concerted effort by our team, we officially launch our Chinese Language Course with our partner, Mandarin House to support the teaching of everybody – whether you have started your career in China already or potentially target China as your next destination.

Mandarin House, established in 2004, has helped over 50,000 foreigners from 100+ nationalities to speak Mandarin. It is internationally accredited by IALC and domestically recognised by Office of Chinese Language Council (Han Ban) as an Official HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Centre. Qualified, bilingual and well-trained teachers with an average of 5,000 Chinese teaching hours experience can provide high-quality online courses. Importantly, the learning process is totally flexible and courses are tailor-made. Students are free to select the teacher as per their preference and book the course according to their schedule.

With this all said, what’s stopping you? Contact us for more details. Please email for more details.

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