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“Best Season Ever” for Pilot Summer Contracts

Summer is looming and as always this is the high season for pilot recruitment for short term contracts in Europe. This year it seems airlines are offering the most attractive terms and benefits in an effort to secure the services of the pilots they need to operate their schedules.

It’s not just the charter operators which are struggling to recruit the numbers of pilots they need. Emirates, the world’s biggest long-haul airline, faces threat of summer pilot shortages every year. The airline comes under pressure with a shortfall of average 100 to 150 pilots each summer.

Preparation for the summer recruitment

Brookfield’s pilot training partners and airline clients usually plan at the end of each year for new pilot training to be ready in time for the next year summer season. As usual there is high demand in Europe, and the shortage is increased by the thousands of European pilots who have gone abroad as expats to find attractive terms and conditions in the emerging markets.

These summer contracts are the most beneficial for pilots to expose to worldwide opportunities – This is not only a fantastic way to see the world, but pilots also have chances to test the water if they are suitable with an airline, organisation, country, etc. Moreover, after the summer contract, many pilots have the chance for contract renewal as the airlines look to retain their services for the following year.

With this Summer recruitment, the hiring processes usually starts March-May, sometimes June and will cool down significantly in July and contracts usually end in September until the end of the year.

Higher rates of pay for Summer contracts

As for shorter durations, the payments for Summer hiring are highly attractive. With pilots on Boeing 737 or A-320, First Officers could reach €9,000 p.m. +benefits; Captains up to €15,000+benefits; TRI/TREs up to €18,000+benefits.

One of Brookfield’s various airline clients stated: “Even with massive recruitment campaigns, improved terms and benefits for summer hiring, pilot supply is still unable to fulfill the number of pilot jobs needed to be filled”. This has been coming for the last few years, but never more so than now, and shows no sign of changes in the foreseeable future.”

Due to the economy and the long term financial commitments that come with hiring permanent members of staff, some companies are reluctant to hire full time pilots which could lead to a stronger demand and increase in daily/ monthly rates for independent contract or freelance pilots. Hiring pilots for short durations in peak season with attractive terms and benefits is becoming an efficient solution.

Many pilots who love experiencing the world and different job conditions can make use of this high season to change jobs. Working in various workplaces also gives pilots opportunities to build up strong network contacts.

In the nutshell, pilot summer contracts are attractive and usually lead to quick recruitment results. Brookfield, with more than 25 years working in the industry, provides top market service in aviation recruitment. Pilots can find the best paying jobs on our job portal:

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